6 TikTok creators come out of the Vinh Danh Night TikTok Awards Vietnam 2020

There is TikTok, even though it is far away, Tet is also close

The campaign opened with the MV “Tet Xa Hoa Near” with the participation of 6 content creators who stepped out from the TikTok Awards Vietnam 2020 with female singer Hoa Minzy. In addition, TikTok also introduces two special challenges #Chuanbidontet and #TetXaHoaGan to encourage users to capture meaningful moments with loved ones, wherever they are.

In Vietnamese culture, Tet is the most important time of the year, the moment when each family gets together to look back on the past and look forward to the good on the journey ahead. However, 2021 is a special year when many people choose to celebrate Tet far away because of work, or their children expat because of objective factors, but unfinished the trip home. Deeply understanding the minds of users, the campaign “Xa Xa Xa Near” is the way TikTok utilizes the power of creativity to help people bridge the geographical distance and connect with each other.

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“Implementing the campaign” Xa Xa Xa Near “, TikTok wishes to connect the community during the Lunar New Year with creative stories, carrying a positive message. This is also the beginning of a new journey full of TikTok’s prospects in 2021. As an open platform, TikTok hopes to continue to accompany users to not only bring fun on the platform but also create more meaningful campaigns in future “, said Mr. Nguyen Lam Thanh, representative of TikTok Vietnam.

At 9 p.m. on January 26, the MV “Tet Xa Hoa Near” was officially released, marking the first collaboration between six honored content creators at TikTok Awards Vietnam 2020, including Linh Barbie, Viet My, Thanh Y, Moca, Tuong Vy, So Y Tiet and singer Hoa Minzy Not only impressed with the talented guest cast, the MV also used catchy disco music, combined with positive lyrics. successfully recreating each interesting New Year’s story in each frame.

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Joining the project this time, singer Hoa Minzy said: “The story in” New Year Xa Hoa Near “is a very suitable message for this Tet season. As an artist, often having to celebrate Tet away from home because of planning to perform, Hoa understands the feeling of not being with relatives in the middle of the year. But Hoa believes that, no matter how far away, Tet will still be a complete Tet, as long as home is always in his heart “.

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“In 2020, there are many fluctuations and ups and downs, but what we find on the TikTok platform is always the contents of Vietnamese spiritual and cultural values. Through the campaign “New Year Xa Hoa Near”, Thanh Y hopes Vietnamese users will continue their creative journey nonstop, while spreading many positive messages, connecting the community even more “, Thanh Y Vo – Share the Most Favorite Creator of the Year.

Thanh Y Vo and So Y Tiet

After the MV, from January 27 and January 31, TikTok’s campaign brings two special interactive challenges named #Chuanbidontet and #TetXaHoaGan respectively. With the Vietnamese family, this will be an opportunity to help generations more understanding and bonding. Through the challenge, all users can proactively save reunited moments in their own way, so that even though we are far away, we can still enjoy memorable moments with loved ones.

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#Chuanbidontet Challenge consists of 4 main categories: Tet Knowledge, Tet Tricks, New Year Photography, Tet Holiday. In the New Year’s Knowledge category, users will be unleashed to create and learn about the traditional New Year’s customs or share the secret of cleaning the deck in the Tet Tricks section. After the challenge, based on the creativity and engagement of the videos in each category, TikTok will select and reward the 4 most impressive creators. Awards include 01 Marshall Kilburn II speaker and 01 TikTok New Year gift set with T-shirt, tote bag, Anker backup charger, and TikTok standard TikTok red packets.

Meanwhile, the #TetXaHoaGan challenge with the duet feature will be an opportunity for users to make unique videos with Hoa Minzy and favorite content creators on the music “Tet Xa Xa Near”. The 50 most impressive video content and interactive creators will receive a CGV voucher worth 500,000 VND.


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