There is no end of the world Saturday, but there is reason for the whole world to be worried!

There is no end of the world Saturday, but there is reason for the whole world to be worried!

Let us find out if kIf there’s Saturday at the end of the world today, there’s no reason for the whole world to worry!

  • Calculated time “Moon hits Earth”
  • What “horrible” thing would happen if the Earth suddenly stopped spinning?
  • A close-up inside the bunker of 1% of the world’s richest population when the end of the world happens

Around the story The Earth is wiped out, there have been many prophecies made by world-renowned psychic people, making any of us curious from the inquiry. However, many sources of information prove that it may be just the wildly misleading predictions of public opinion.

The prophet on Youtube claims Earth’s day to be wiped out today – September 23 when a planet does not exist, it will crash into our planet Earth. Meanwhile, there is a threat “very practical”Always exist.

There is no end of the world Saturday, but there is reason for the whole world to be worried!Do not ignore your weekend plans for this warning. Image source: NASA Goddard Space Center / S. Wiessinger

The latest world’s last day prophecy tells us that the end of the Earth will take place on September 23. Almost everything about these predictions is wrong but At the same time, not far away will be a real threat.

Youtube has been “fill“with videos explaining why the last day of the Earth is today, cited by several arithmetic combinations (numerology – mystical science founded by mathematician pythagorax) Biblical interpretations and the mysterious planet Nibiru, which in some way is expected to appear on Saturday during the collision with the Earth.

Can mathematical formulas also predict the end of the world? You probably remember the people of New York City (America) was once anxious because the prediction of the dark day of the Earth was uttered from “divine password”By the Director of Christian Radio – Harold Camping.

At that time, this Director was based on mathematical formulas and the numbers appear several times in the Bible to attach to May 21, 2011 will be the time when the world completely disappears. However, Harold Camping was discovered to be completely wrong when the Earth on May 21, 2011 is not yet at the end of the world.

Fortunately, no reliable evidence such as a rogue planet exists (a truth endorsed by NASA) anywhere in the vicinity of the inner Solar System (Inner Solar System), There is a way but it is beyond the edge of the solar system and physics as we understand it will not suddenly exist to be able to happen today.

The mysterious planet NibiruThe mysterious planet Nibiru

If you want to find out about Nibiru’s mysterious planet (also known as “Planet X“) according to legend, be free: maybe the document about it will be enough for you to learn until the world really ends, especially since it became a fake news in recent years. here.

As long as you remember that fictional planet, conspiracy theories related to it and apocalyptic predictions have been given a lot in recent years but never happened. Nibiru did not destroy the Earth in 2003, 2012 or earlier this year as it was foretold, when it was thought to be a comet but its tail was located quite far from Earth so it did not affect anything. world peace.

The real threat

A threat “very practical“for human existence we are not deviated from the prospect of the mysterious planet Nibiru; it is only much smaller. That collision obliterated dinosaurs and brought life to Earth.” to prevent one of the relevant Cretaceous epochs, sometimes called an asteroid, or asteroid a few miles wide.

And there’s no reason it can’t happen again.

Meteors exploded in the sky over Russia in 2013Meteors exploded in the sky over Russia in 2013

Meteors exploded in the sky over Russia in 2013 didn’t observe until it broke thousands of windows. In fact, such small asteroids are often discovered after they fly up on our planet.

Scientists think there are about a million such small planets in our solar system, but only about 1% have been discovered. Initiatives like Asteroid Day and NASA’s proposed NEOcam just a few projects hope to be able to use technology to improve that ratio.

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