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There is no difference between the five HONDA cars! Cruise performance

Ordinary heavy-duty locomotives in Japan have many advantages. Not only does the legal maximum speed reach 60km / h, but it also does not require a two-section right turn. HONDA is also launching 13 various motorcycle models with full personality in this class. This time, I selected 5 models (MONKEY 125, CB125R, CROSS CUB 110, MSX 125 GROM, PCX) from the general road of 240km back and forth. On the actual long-distance test, we thoroughly analyze the differences for everyone.

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Original reference: MONKEY / MSX / CROSS CUB / PCX / CB125R no difference chaos! Cruise performance

Although ordinary heavy locomotives are often used as a transportation tool for commuting to work and classes, but some riders use it as a partner when traveling long distances, so this time we will use the sense of riding, stability and tolerance to cause fatigue, etc. Factors to judge the cruising performance of these five vehicles.

PCX won first place in cruise performance

The following may have nothing to do with the knight who owns several motorcycles at the same time, but ordinary heavy-duty locomotives are not just a tool that can be used for walking. Many knights use it for long-distance travel.

Although the inability to ride on highways and other roads is a major disadvantage of ordinary heavy locomotives, its movement time on general roads is not much different from that of large motorcycles, so many people choose ordinary heavy locomotives as their own. Main motorcycle.

The following is the cruising performance ranking result of the comprehensive evaluation. The judging criteria are mainly riding sensation, comfort reduced by vibration and stability when disturbed.

Cruise Performance Ranking

【First place】 PCX
【2nd place】 CB125R
【3rd place】 CROSS CUB 110
[No. 4]MSX125 (GROM)
【5th place】 MONKEY 125

The first place is the only SUV model PCX among the five cars. Due to the stepless automatic transmission of PCX, the rider can ride freely, and the vibration from the engine is very slight, the exhaust noise is very small, and the ride is very easy. The riding posture, the excellent impact absorption when encountering a road drop, and the interlocking brake system that can be decelerated with only the left hand, and the body design with excellent windproof effect, all of these factors make long-distance riding a little tired. It can also be said that it is impossible to feel that you have ridden a long distance, so among these five cars, PCX is definitely the first in the ranking of cruise performance.

The second place is the CB125R, which is a bit huge for ordinary heavy-duty locomotives, which makes people feel particularly at ease, excellent stability during forward and cornering, horsepower that can be enjoyed in the range of common speeds, etc. It is a plus factor of it, and the windproof effect of the side cover of the water tank protruding from both sides of the body is extremely high, which is also one of the reasons for the favorable comments.

Although the cruising speed that CROSS CUB 110 can maintain is much lower than that of PCX and CB125R, it is extremely stable when it is disturbed, so it gets third place. If it is a long-distance ride on a simple forest road, The first place is definitely CROSS CUB 110.

Compared with the previous three cars, the MSX125 (GROM) and MONKEY 125 with 12-inch tires have a slightly lower stability. When the two cars ride on the main road with more road holes, the handles are easily affected by the road surface. There is a slight twist.

However, due to the apparent lack of power performance of the previous generation MONKEY 50, if you want to ride the main road with heavy traffic, people will be hesitant, but now the MONKEY 125 can carry out long-distance travel together with PCX and other vehicles. It ’s really good news for fans.

[1st place]PCX: riding on a wide seat cushion and a riding position with a high degree of freedom

The PCX has a relaxing riding posture and extremely free feet. The riding feeling is also very good. The body is not prone to sway when passing through road sections with large road drops, and slight vibrations from the engine It is almost equal to no, at the same time the windproof effect of the windshield is also very good, in short it is very comfortable.

[2nd place]CB125R: Reassuring body size and riding feeling

Because the riding position of the upper body leans forward slightly, it can also tolerate the wind pressure generated during riding, and there is no feeling of crowding when sitting across the car, so it is not too tired, and the excellent performance The riding pleasure brought by the front and rear suspension and the radiant layer tires can be said to be beyond the ordinary ordinary heavy-duty locomotive.

【3rd place】 CROSS CUB 110: Absorptive for bad road conditions

Slender tires that are not easily affected by road potholes, plus soft wire spoke wheel frames and soft shock absorber settings, etc., allow CROSS CUB 110 to easily cope with harsh road conditions and unexpectedly ease long-distance riding places. Discomfort and fatigue.

[No. 4]MSX125 (GROM): Barely qualified for long-distance riding, better performance on urban streets

The inherent disadvantage of a small body makes the MSX125 (GROM) riding position inevitably a bit awkward. If you continue the same position for too long, it is easy to produce fatigue. However, as long as the rider is used to it, like this test, a long distance of more than 200km Riding should be able to cope with it, of course, the more suitable riding scenario for MSX125 (GROM) is crowded urban streets.


[Fifth place]MONKEY 125: Sitting up is very stable, but the waist is a little bit hard

The stability of MONKEY 125 is even lower than that of MSX125 (GROM). Even because the weight of the rider is basically concentrated on the seat cushion, it is the worst cruising performance of the five vehicles tested this time. Nevertheless, the performance of MONKEY 125 is still much better than the previous generation, not to mention the performance of long-distance riding is greatly improved.


PCX also won the championship in double riding

In addition to the MONKEY 125, which can not be double-loaded, then we also compared the riding performance of the other four cars. In this part, PCX still won the first place, and it has an overwhelming gap with other models. Although the second-place CROSS CUB 110 is equipped with a modified double seat cushion, it still performs better than the CB125R and MSX125 (GROM).

As for the CB125R and MSX125 (GROM), the rear seat space is very narrow. At the same time, the high foot position causes the knee to be bent, which makes people feel very compressed, so it is more suitable for use under the condition of having to carry people.

Double ride performance ranking

【First place】 PCX
【Second place】 CROSS CUB 110 (replace double seat cushion)
【3rd place】 CB125R
[No. 4]MSX125 (GROM)
【-】 MONKEY 125 (cannot be double loaded)

[First place]PCX: The rear seat is very wide and the rear armrest is also very practical

▲ The distance between the rear seat passenger and the rider is very wide, which ensures the seating space of the rear seat passenger, the position of the rear armrest is also easy to hold, and the knee when stepping on the pedal does not need to be bent, which is a small number of people I want to try a car for two people.

[2nd place]CROSS CUB 110: The seating space for the double seat cushion is quite good

▲ Because the factory setting of CROSS CUB 110 is the rear shelf, if you sit directly, the buttocks will be very painful and dangerous. Therefore, this test was replaced with Kijima’s double seat cushion and rear armrest. The pedals directly mounted on the rocker arm move up and down during travel, but it is not uncomfortable in the imagination, plus the extremely high rigidity of the rear armrest can stably support the body, so the overall riding quality is not bad .

[3rd place]CB125R: The rear seat is very narrow and high, a little scary

The CB125R is a bit narrow and high in the back seat cushion, and the knee needs to be bent when you step on the foot, so it feels a little uncomfortable, and the back seat passenger holds the place just below the buttocks It is not easy to support the body during acceleration and deceleration, so if you want to ride two people, the knight needs to pay attention to these points and ride carefully.

[4th place]MSX125 (GROM): Closely attached to the knight, buttocks even run out of the cushion

Fuel consumption is the first in MONKEY 125

This time, the main route is mainly one-way double-lane roads with fewer traffic lights. Although we did not pay special attention to fuel economy when riding, four of the five vehicles exceeded 50km / L. Off, which means that only 5L of gasoline can enjoy the long-distance travel of more than 200km, and this is the irresistible charm of ordinary heavy locomotives.

Measured fuel consumption performance

[First place]MONKEY 125 (58.07km / L)
[2nd place]MSX125 (GROM) (55.96km / L)
【3rd place】 CROSS CUB 110 (52.3km / L)
[No. 4]PCX (50.04km / L)
[Fifth place]CB125R (42.18km / L)

The above is the cruising performance test this time. The next time will be the last article of this special edition. We will send you a comprehensive evaluation of these five cars. After finishing all the information, we will make a radar chart for everyone to choose a car. Reference.

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