"There is her in the world" official announcement: the male protagonist Yi Yanqianxi has fine-tuned his position, and the scene has not changed

“There is her in the world” official announcement: the male protagonist Yi Yanqianxi has fine-tuned his position, and the scene has not changed

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Recently, the film “There Is She in the World” co-directed by Zhang Aijia, Li Shaohong, and Chen Chong, starring Zhou Xun, Zheng Xiuwen, and Yi Yang Qianxi, released a finalized poster, officially announcing that the film will be released on April 30 with a strong impact this year. The Golden File on May Day.

“There is Her in the World” is the first landmark work in the Chinese film industry collectively created by female filmmakers. In addition to gathering a number of powerful female creators, it also invited the super-popular artist Yi Qianqianxi. Therefore, since the project’s official announcement day Since then it has been highly anticipated.

Seeing that the film “There is Her in the World” was finally finalized, which made many long-awaited netizens excited. However, my attentive friends discovered that in this official poster, Yi Yang Qianxi’s position has changed from the “lead actor” used in the film’s initial publicity to today’s “specially invited star”. This has caused many fans to question.

Many people even expressed dissatisfaction with the film crew’s use of fans for pre-publicity. They bluntly said that the use of Yi Yangqianxi as the leading actor in the pre-publicity was to nakedly use the influence of the artist to attract fans for the film.

However, the author believes that this view is still somewhat generalized, and the main reasons are as follows.

First of all, it must be admitted that “There is Her in the World” has “slow heat” and suspicion of deliberate propaganda, including the adjustment of Yi Yang Qianxi’s position to “specially invited starring” is one of them. But on the other hand, none of these can change the position of Yi Yangqianxi in the works, that is, the male number one doing my part.

Secondly, let’s not analyze the difference between “leading star” and “specially invited starring” here for the time being, but return to the work “She is in the World” itself.

As we all know, “There is Her in the World” was originally a film focused on female subjects, so although Yi Yang Qianxi is nominally the number one male, in fact, frankly speaking, his role in the film should be compared to Zhou Xun and Zheng Xiuwen. Not too much. At this point, I believe even fans should be able to experience it.

In addition, the reason why Yi Yang Qianxi is called the male number one in this play is not just a nonsense.

It is reported that “There is Her in the World” consists of three short stories, directed by three top Chinese female directors Zhang Aijia, Li Shaohong and Chen Chong. The official poster “Three Cities III” this time also points out the three cities of Beijing, Wuhan and Hong Kong.

According to the current role setting, it is widely speculated that the two “lead actors” Zhou Xun and Zheng Xiuwen will take the lead in the “Beijing Chapter” and “Hong Kong Movie” respectively, while the “specially invited star” Yi Yang Qianxi will appear in “Wuhan articles”. In a sense, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is the protagonist of the chapter.

The last thing I want to say is that in the work “There is Her in the World”, which is obviously strongly feminine, you don’t need to pay too much attention to the drama of Yi Yang Qianxi. Here is a sentence, in fact, another movie “Chinese Doctor” by Yi Qianxi to be screened may have similar problems by then. So as long as his performance in the film is enough to impress people and the performance can be recognized, it is actually a success.

Let’s talk about the actual point. Even if it is a “specially invited star”, the scenes are still those scenes, but at least the artists will not have the huge pressure of “carrying the box office”. For fans of artists, in a sense, this year’s “Changjin Lake” is more worth looking forward to.

At the end of the article, let’s talk about the movie “There is Her in the World” again. As a realistic theme work, coupled with such a strong lineup, it is still very much to look forward to, even if it ignores those sorrows.

Moreover, Yi Yang Qianxi’s standard for selecting scripts has always been very high, and he will never mess with the artist’s career plan. Therefore, I hope that fans will still support and promote vigorously, and don’t fall into the so-called “leading star” and “specialist”. “Inviting a leading role” is a controversy and can’t extricate itself. After all, some of the operations of internal entertainment nowadays, it is enough for everyone to know.

If you have any expectations for the movie “There is Her in the World”, please leave a message to discuss.


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