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There is going to be a Redmi Note 7 on the Reward Store, you can earn points

I found 1 child Genuine Redmi Note 7 version 4GB RAM to upload to Reward Store, this time it is not a flash sales anymore but the brothers who have enough points can exchange the gifts. You are going to earn points gradually The time this phone appears on Reward Store will be announced later. We bought this to test the app but not use it, the test time is okay and give it to you.

To use Tinhte Reward Store, you will need to download the app. Link I have right below for you who have not downloaded the application. After entering the app, you'll see a very prominent place to go to Tinhte Reward Store right from the app's home page.

For those who are not sure how to earn points to redeem gifts: Your 1 comment will be +8 points, 1 new post will be +10 points, and you will get 1 likes, then +9 points. In the near future, there will be more new features for you to earn points, and there will be more points + increases than normal. Your score is shown in the app, and on the Subtle homepage (web).

When exchanging gifts, points will be deducted, but the rankings will not disappear.

To see your reward, go to this link: Tinhte.vn/rewards

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Duy Luân

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