Sforum - Huawei-Band-4-Pro technology information page appears on Huawei Band 4 Pro bracelet

There are many images of Huawei Band 4 Pro bracelet

Huawei Band 4 Pro has many of the same features as its predecessor Huawei Band 3 Pro earlier this year.

Huawei seems to be preparing to launch its new smart bracelet, called the Huawei Band 4 Pro. Recently, an exclusive source from 91mobiles has just shared renderings of this smart bracelet, thereby revealing us many interesting details about the design and features of the product.

As you can see in the image above, Huawei Band 4 Pro has a design that looks quite similar to its Band 3 Pro predecessor. This product will have a slightly curved screen on 4 sides, support for color display, rubber strap and flat touch screen home button.

In addition to the color black, Huawei Band 4 Pro is likely to have new color options, red and yellow. Of course, the strap will be interchangeable and integrate multiple adjustment holes to fit on the user's wrist.

Sforum - huawei-band-3-pro technology information page Many pictures of Huawei Band 4 Pro bracelets appear

Unfortunately, today's source doesn't share the specifications of Huawei Band 4 Pro. However, if previous leaks are to be believed, this smart bracelet will feature an AMOLED display, built-in heart rate sensor and SpO2 meter to notify you of blood oxygen levels.

Finally, Huawei Band 4 Pro is also likely to have a built-in charging port, allowing users to directly charge the wearable device via the USB-A port found on many chargers. This design eliminates the need to carry a charger if you're traveling and also prevents this smart bracelet from becoming useless if the charger is damaged or lost.

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