There are also fears when sending cars to the countryside for Tet

Only a few days until the Lunar New Year 2020, sending the car to the countryside is something that many people are interested in. This is also the occasion where the thieves admit the best opportunity.

Parking is safe but not easy to find

Talking to CafeAuto, Mr. Bui Xuan Nghia, a house in Thoi An area, District 12 shared: “Every year there is a car loss. Most of them are houses closed to celebrate Tet. Theft takes advantage of the opening to grab the door when the house is empty. “

The reality of the whole family coming home to celebrate Tet and being visited by thieves is not small. Many people lost their cars besides the thieves stole many valuable assets. Therefore, to avoid this problem, they choose to take the car to send to relatives or bring to the tunnels, parking lots for Tet.

“Often on the 3rd we go to Lam Dong to visit relatives so we just send the house to the neighbors to help. And the wife and children ‘s cars were brought to the garage of the apartment opposite. It is not reassuring to stay at home, ”Mr. Nghia said.


It can be said that the Tet parking lot is the place where people feel the safest when sending their cars to their hometown. However, finding a certain place is not easy. Ms. Nguyen Thi Anh Nguyet, a student at the University of Culture and Campus 2, said: “As a student of the school, every year when parking is easy. However, the people around when they want to park a car here are very carefully asked. Sometimes they run out of space so they have to look elsewhere. ”

In many places, according to our research, we have to wait until 26, 27 Tet to answer the vacancies because they prioritize the people who live here. Even the parking fee is screamed in the sky because the staff understands the psychology of the people who want to ensure the safety of their car.

Some people choose to take the car to their hometown for Tet, both to worry and to have transportation in the countryside without borrowing anyone. However, the cost of parking is not cheap. According to information learned, at the Eastern bus station, the price for each motorbike ranges from 800 to 1 million depending on the type of vehicle from Saigon to the central provinces. Not to mention, if it’s slow, there’s probably no place to send it.


Price manipulation, no parking space or accepting high prices to bring cars out is an annual hot issue that every resident of the province worries.

Keep the car in the area with the camera

In order to avoid having many private parking spots, spontaneous “tight guillotine” at “exorbitant” prices, people should equip themselves with the following knowledge to ensure the safety of their pet driver.

First, always remember to choose the parking lots with price lists published by your local authority. These points will force the implementation of the plan to organize parking lots to ensure absolute traffic safety, full barriers, and public parking prices in accordance with state regulations.


However, the number of these parking lots is very small. It is not guaranteed to meet the needs of the people on the occasion of the Lunar New Year 2020. So if you want to send the car at these parking spots, you should go early or send to the nearby points of the parking lot. Just save money, while ensuring the safety of your car.

Besides, always give priority to places where surveillance cameras. This helps prevent the worst case of burglary intrusion. This is simply because the number of cars is too high, so the employees are less open to the bad guys to take the opportunity. If unfortunately lost the car, authorities can also check the video footage to be able to find the thief.

Also, when parking the car you should choose the area with lights. Especially the expensive motorbike because this is the focus of the thief’s attention. Areas of high light limit the greed of others and prevent potential theft.


It is better to plan to park early to be proactive in everything from finding a place to checking the situation of the parking area. Should find out the parking spot before half a month or 1 month to have more options for yourself. At the same time, you can check the price first to choose a parking that is both safe and cheap.


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