Sneakers RTFKT x NZXT Drip appeared extremely

There appeared pair of Sneakers RTFKT x NZXT Drip extremely “cool” for fans of PC Master Race

NZXT and RTKFT have just introduced the Sneakers Master Race – NZXT Drip is designed in the style of an extremely unique PC-style shoe. Neither NZXT nor RTFKT is clear about this “shoe”, but it looks like an expensive accessory that you can display in your gaming corner. Prove yourself both a sneaker fan and a PC gaming enthusiast.

NZXT is a company specializing in manufacturing PC gaming cases and components; RTKFT also specializes in making sneakers for stars in the eSports, gaming, and entertainment industries.

Initially, NZXT and RTKFT revealed a little bit about this shoe, saying that it will be a product created by RTFKT and the fan community with inspiration and ideas drawn from the PC and passion. paralysis of gamers.

There is a high probability that this shoe is for display or decoration purposes only. Inside is a pile of accessories that cannot be pierced, that is not to mention the ropes inside; And this is also not a working PC because the internal components are too small for the actual size, so it can only be a model.

However, on the heel of the shoe there is a stylized RTX 3080 video card that looks pretty cool, even through the heat sink and rotates. Above the shoe collar is a CPU heatsink block integrated with an LCD screen, running some animations that look good. Inside, there is a purple LED light to tone the tone with white – purple on the shoe body.

Source PC Gamer compiled Gearvn

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