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Then Type-C USB will "weigh" the whole world alone, more than half a century of existence has come to jack 3.5 to "be" removed

Have you ever seen this world of technology too complicated with hundreds of different standard connections from USB-A, USB-B, USB Type-C, MicroUSB, audio jack 3.5, HDMI, DVI, VGA Apple adds Lightning, each laptop company has several different types of charging pins and dozens of standard ones that probably cost a few pages.

USB-A, USB-B, … each connection standard has its own mission

The question is why not put everything together in a single connection, only one. Looking back at the history of technology development, each connection standard is created for almost one or several purposes. As the 3.5 jack generates capital to transmit audio data from the 50s of the last century, the latter has the ability to export images via AV ports that are often used to export images from phones to HDMI-era TVs. early life.

USB-A – the most popular connection standard on computers

USB-A, or the most popular USB port on a computer, can connect USB, mouse, keyboard … and is the most popular connection standard that existed for several decades. But if you went through the time of the mouse, you probably knew at the time that most mice and keyboards used PS / 2 ports but today are replaced by USB or wireless.

Sforum - Latest technology information page 1-USB USB Type-C will be alone

Who remembers blue is the mouse, purple is the keyboard.

Just a few years ago VGA was still a very popular video output port, now gradually being replaced by HDMI, DVI with the advantage of both audio and video output, and greater bandwidth for the ability to produce high quality images.

Sforum - The latest technology information page vga1 Then USB Type-C will be alone

The VGA port dominates for a while on almost all projectors, as well as the PC monitor output port.

But … why not put the standards back into 1?

Go back to the question, "Why not gather everything in a single connection, only one?" In fact, there has not been a really perfect connection before to use for all purposes.

For example, USB-A, although it is possible to transfer two-way data, output images, audio (via a conversion device) … but it cannot be used as a charging port because the limited capacity is only about 5V / 1A. However, USB-A is too big to be equipped for mobile devices, so there is MicroUSB.

Sforum - The latest technology information page macbook Then USB Type-C will be alone

Since 2016, MacBook has switched to using USB Type-C

But for the past 3 years, the technology world has made a big change when USB Type-C is popular on most devices from laptops, PCs, phones, and tablets for both audio devices and incoming devices. The iPad Pro 2018 is also passed by Apple to use a new connection, many rumors suggest that the iPhone in the future is no exception.

Along with the equipped USB Type-C many other connections have been removed, in which many smartphones have removed the headphone jack. Apple's MacBook now has only USB-C but luckily there is a sound port.

Sforum - Latest technology information page Samsung-Galaxy-Note10-5K3 Then USB Type-C will be alone

Galaxy Note 10 is expected to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack

Even Samsung, which is said to be quite loyal to the 3.5 mm headphone jack, has also dropped this port on the newly launched Galaxy A40, and the Galaxy Note 10 may be similar. The fact that the company in turn removed a series of familiar connections made users complain, even frustrating because of having to buy more cumbersome, expensive conversion devices.

But from another perspective, every development must accept sacrifices. Just like removing VGA, which was very popular a decade ago. When laptop manufacturers remove this port, many of us are very upset because the older generation projectors still exist a lot in the university lecture hall, even the meeting rooms … But then now HDMI now has almost replaced VGA into the most popular image export standard.

Sforum - Latest technology information page laptop Then USB Type-C will be alone

The time of laptop is VGA and everything is really thick and heavy …

In the future, USB-C will alone "weigh" all

We have seen a lot of departures, so why not accept the fact that all old connections are about to retire, ceding the future to USB Type-C, which is a replaceable port. almost everything. USB-C can transfer data at many times USB-A, can export 8K images (possibly more) and of course high quality audio, can transmit hundreds of currents W replaced the charging port as Apple did with the MacBook.

Sforum - Latest technology information page tainghe Then Type-C USB will be alone

In the future, manufacturers will also switch to using USB-C for the trend

Maybe this time we will be inconvenient, but if you look at a future where all devices use only a standard USB Type-C connection. Headphones are used by manufacturers using Type-C port, audio cable, data cable, output cable, etc. are all Type-C to Type-C.

Sforum - Latest technology information page ctoc USB Type-C will be alone

And the future, only one cable for all

At that time, all technology devices could share a single charger, there was no need to buy dozens of port types, every time I went to the presentation, I didn't care what projector was used, what laptop I had or not, it's all about one term – only one.

At some point, USB Type-C could no longer meet the needs of development. Wireless is the last destination we aim for, but while waiting for technology to grow, let USB Type-C replace old standards.

We need to remember one thing, clinging to the past only makes things slow to develop, to accept to shake off the old to embrace the new, even though it is difficult to know, but the technology world can grow.

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