Theft of $ 6000 Blind and cheated by her lover


A young man from Montérégie confessed on Tuesday to having slyly stolen nearly $ 6,000 from his blind ex-spouse with whom he was in a relationship for four years.

Blind and struggling with a physical disability, Valérie Horth was particularly vulnerable and Kevin Lalonde-Rousseau took advantage.

“If I hadn’t had a disability he would never have been able to do what he did. I am a very good person. I could ask him: “have you paid such and such an account”, but I could only trust his word, ”commented the 27-year-old woman, in an interview with The newspaper.

Kevin Lalonde-Rousseau.  Guilty

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Kevin Lalonde-Rousseau. Guilty

Her ex-husband, who will be 31 in two weeks, admitted on Tuesday to having stolen about $ 6,000 from him.

Through a virtual platform, he pleaded guilty to one count of theft at the Saint-Hyacinthe courthouse.

When Valérie Horth met Kevin Lalonde-Rousseau, it was her mother who took care of her various transactions and her bank accounts.

The young woman needs assistance in her daily tasks since in addition to her visual handicap, she has no sensitivity in her fingers, which prevents her from reading braille.

Over the course of the romantic relationship that lasted four years, the young man gradually took over the financial responsibilities of the couple.

It was when the two lovebirds bought a residence in Châteauguay, in Montérégie, that the thief’s schemes began.

Dubious maneuvers

He made various questionable maneuvers in the couple’s joint account, to which he did not contribute on a par with the victim.

Lalonde-Rousseau in particular made unjustified withdrawals at the ATM, bought video games and paid his personal credit cards.

He also made transfers of funds from the complainant’s account to the joint account without the complainant’s consent.


And when Valérie Horth asked her spouse for details, the latter did not hesitate to lie to camouflage the situation, Mtre Cimon Sénécal told Judge Benoît Gariépy on Tuesday.

The young woman nevertheless ended up discovering the pot aux roses in the spring of 2018, during a trip to Gaspésie with her mother.

Confronted by his spouse on the abnormally low balance of the account, Lalonde-Rousseau would then have ended their relationship.

In addition to filing a complaint with the police, Ms. Horth brought a civil suit for $ 55,000 against her ex to recover the lost money and obtain punitive damages. This file is still in progress.

  • As for the criminal case, Lalonde-Rousseau should know his sentence during the summer.



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