“Theatrical Version Devil’s Blade Infinite Train Edition” Review

Evaluation (75 points) 117 minutes in total

Synopsis After completing the training at Choyashiki, Sumijiro and his colleagues arrive at an endless train in which more than 40 people are missing in a short period of time.Quote-Wikipedia


  1. The story of another eldest son, Purgatory Anjuro

    1. leaf
    2. Flame Pillar, Purgatory Kyoujuro
    3. Nightmare
    4. Kamado Tanjiro
    5. “First quarter moon”
    6. Eldest son
  2. General comment: A breathtaking movie

    1. Personal impression: Akira Ishida

The story of another eldest son, Purgatory Anjuro

This work is a theatrical animation work of “Kimetsu no Yaiba”.
There is no change in the director or production company, and it is a continuation of the TV animation.


Image source: Movie version “Kimetsu no Yaiba” Infinite Train Edition From the trailer
© Koyoharu Gotouge / Shueisha / Aniplex / ufotable

At the beginning, it begins with the scene where “Okan-sama” is visiting the grave of the demon slaughter corps.
I was fascinated by the casual scenes and the movement of the “leaves” reflected on the edge of the camera.
Even if you don’t draw such leaves delicately, the movement of the leaves swaying in the wind is smooth.
There is no need to move it.

However, this work feels particular about even the movement of such leaves.
From the center of the screen, the movement of the leaves at the edges of the screen fascinates me with the depiction of the leaves.
The production “Ufotable” makes this work more than TV animation,
I haven’t made any compromises regarding drawing, and I can even afford to stick to the movement of the leaves.
You can feel the high level of drawing power in less than a minute at the beginning.

The story is completely a continuation of the TV anime.
In the case of the jump original animation, basically without doing the continuation of the TV animation
I often do “theatrical version original story”,
This work is a perfect sequel.

Introducing the characters, nothing I’ve done with the synopsis so far,
It is a work that is premised on those who are watching the original or TV animation.
Although it is a very diligent work, it is such a popular work,
Because I ignored the “new layer” from the movie, I eliminated the synopsis and character introduction,
It may be said that the story structure is refreshing.

Flame Pillar, Purgatory Kyoujuro

Image source: Movie version “Kimetsu no Yaiba” Infinite Train Edition From the trailer
© Koyoharu Gotouge / Shueisha / Aniplex / ufotable

He is the other main character in this work.
Although he was one of the “pillars” and appeared in TV animation,
The character’s digging and impression was still shallow.
It is “the big voice” that gives his impression (laughs).

I hear a voice when I’m looking for him on the train that Sumijiro and his friends boarded. With “Umai”.
A stupid voice that makes me think that this side is also “Urusei”
The voice is so big that you can feel “slight vibration” with theater speakers.

In TV animation, the volume was not so loud.
It will be the movie version, and I dare to add his character
By making the volume about 3 times that of other characters, it is called “Flame Pillar / Purgatory Anjuro”.
The impression of the character can be strongly planted.

I don’t know where I’m looking, my eyes are scary, but when I talk to Sumijiro and others
It’s a character who feels kindness somewhere.
Stronger and overwhelming than the main character, Sumijiro.
It is the battle scene that shows such an existence.

A demon that appears in a narrow car. A sword against such a demon.
Instead of slashing many times, kill the demon with just one attack.
“Breathing of flames”, the literal effect of flames is soothing just by looking at it
Such an effect moves smoothly and turns into a technique.

Although the description of this “effect” was also in the TV series,
It is drawn more delicately because it is the movie version.
Big movements that are conscious of the screen, not just showing, but also camera work
Make a meaningful “slow” production to suck up the momentary movement
By showing it, I am fascinated by the coolness of “breathing flames”.

By showing the cool technique of the character that impressed you
With his digging into the other main character of this work
Characterized and made to stand out.


Image source: Movie version “Kimetsu no Yaiba” Infinite Train Edition From the trailer
© Koyoharu Gotouge / Shueisha / Aniplex / ufotable

This demon is a strong enemy. Although he is always a strong enemy, the means are different from the usual demons.
He sleeps and dreams. You can dream happy in the ideal world you want.
After showing such a happy world, show a world of despair,
He likes that “face”.A sleeping demon that eats there, a devil
A sadistic demon.

Sumijiro and even Purgatory Anjuro fall into the art of his dreams.
Sumijiro is a boy who has lost everything except his sister. There is now because I lost it
He is still fighting. However, you can enjoy everything you lost in your dreams.
The deceased younger brothers, mother, father, and Tanjiro Kamado, who is not a demon slaughter corps.
Even if I knew this was a dream, I couldn’t resist it.

If true, I want to live here forever.
I even think that dreams are real and reality is dreams.
However, the character “Kojiro Kamon” is undoubtedly the main character.
Don’t look back, cling to the past, don’t get caught up in the past.
I step forward because I know I can’t go back.

Never worry about Ujiuji.While apologizing for not being able to save
The flow of his awakening from his dream involuntarily stimulates the lacrimal glands.
He is clearly angry because he is a demon who has such a happy dream.
Sometimes he even showed his compassion for the “demon”
Other than “Kimaitsuji Miserable”, he is a person who shows clear anger.

“Don’t step into people’s hearts with your feet”

Kamado Tanjiro

Image source: Movie version “Kimetsu no Yaiba” Infinite Train Edition From the trailer
© Koyoharu Gotouge / Shueisha / Aniplex / ufotable

While his companion is sleeping, he alone challenges the dream.
Kanmu tries to put Sumijiro to sleep again and again, but each time he is in a dream
Wake up by “killing yourself”.Anger at a clear dream, my family
The existence of the fallen Yume is as unforgivable as the Oni-Matsuji Miserable.
This is the only work in which the hero’s self-determination scene flows in the battle scene (laughs)

When the battle scene with Kamu becomes full-scale, Kamu
It attacks with something like a “tentacle”. What is a demon anymore?As much as I think
Anomalous appearance, breathing of water delivered to the existence of such anomalous appearance,
The sophisticated water breathing effect is nothing inferior to the theater screen,
It’s almost like you’ll forget to breathe when you’re watching the flowing battle scene.

As the battle progresses, so do my friends.
The scene where such friends also cooperate and fight is a storm of thrilling effects
It is kneaded by a thoughtful action.

Cooperate with your friends to defeat the enemy.
Effort, friendship, and victory jumps
You can also taste this work firmly.

“First quarter moon”

Image source: Movie version “Kimetsu no Yaiba” Infinite Train Edition From the trailer
© Koyoharu Gotouge / Shueisha / Aniplex / ufotable

However, it is this work that has no mercy. Desperately fighting and grabbing victory.
Sumijiro can’t even move.
In front of them, the “first-stringed pit seat” appears.
After the death battle, it is a death battle, this work is merciless and ruthless.

The first string appears, even though he was struggling against the enemy of the first string, but he does not know whether he can win even with the pillar.
The opposite is “Flame Pillar, Purgatory Anjuro”.
From this moment on, Tanjiro Kamado will no longer be the main character in this work for a while.
The main character in the final stage is undoubtedly “Purgatory Anjuro”.

The curtain rises with a song that plays swords, fists, and rock electric BGM.
Inouza is an easy-to-understand battle maniac. Being a demon in search of strength,
Because he wants such strength, he invites “Purgatory Anjuro” to the demon.

The body of a demon that regenerates and the body of a person who does not regenerate.
There is no time to breathe in the depiction of the battle scene that can show it.
In a battle scene where your arms regenerate immediately and scrape each other
Purgatory Anjuro is gradually cornered.

Eldest son

Image source: Movie version “Kimetsu no Yaiba” Infinite Train Edition From the trailer
© Koyoharu Gotouge / Shueisha / Aniplex / ufotable

“Purgatory Anjuro” is also the eldest son like “Tanjiro Kamado”.
When he was young, he lost his mother and lived with his little brother and his father.
But my father suddenly stopped the pillar and did not admit him when he became a pillar.
Still, I engraved my mother’s words in my heart so that I could get used to the goals of my little brother.
He has fought so far.

The reason he fights is simple. Fighting “to protect someone”.
As a strong person and a strong person who gets used to it, that is the significance of his existence.
“A strong person should bear the fate of saving people.”
He lived with the words his mother said before he died.

As the eldest son, he protected his younger brother, as a pillar, he protected young shoots, and as a demon slaughter corps, he protected people from demons.
He hasn’t fought for strength.
I’ve been fighting to protect someone. That is why it is strong.
I will never accept the invitation of a demon because it is not strength for strength

Even if your left eye is crushed or if you have a hole in your abdomen
He didn’t give up until the last moment and tried to protect someone until the last moment.
It is not his battle to kill the demons, it is his battle to “protect”.
The mystery he gave off is so cool that it gets numb.

He protected. He won the battle.
Desperately crying for his victory that Sumijiro protected them,
It may be the biggest showcase of this work to tell the demon.
In the final 20 minutes, a battle scene that really makes you forget to breathe
He showed me the story of a man named “Purgatory Anjuro”.


General comment: A breathtaking movie

Image source: Movie version “Kimetsu no Yaiba” Infinite Train Edition From the trailer
© Koyoharu Gotouge / Shueisha / Aniplex / ufotable

Overall it’s a great perfection.
Although it is assumed that you are reading a TV animation or the original,
The content is properly in line with the expectations of fans as a “sequel”.
As expected, no, it’s a work that seems to have shown more than expected.

It’s not just the goodness of the animation part that is boosting.
The acting of “voice actor” is also indispensable for this work.
Daisuke Hirakawa, who plays Daisuke Hirakawa, brings out the enchanting charm of the character, Daisuke Hirakawa.
The overwhelming feeling that Akira Ishida, who plays the constellation of Inoue, can only be said to be a stone’s throw.
And the small feeling when escaping is the acting because it is Mr. Akira Ishida (laugh)

Satoshi Hino who plays “Purgatory Anjuro”. No discomfort even in a loud voice
A straight, piercing, childish core with a strong voice and the moment of screaming “technical name”
You can feel the strength of “Purgatory Anjuro” more deeply because there is a performance that does not shake.
Because the voice actors who can be said to be veterans play demons and pillars
The character of this work will become more attractive and you will be able to enter the story more.

Of course, the story still seems to continue, but
As a movie, as the story of “Purgatory Anjuro”
It was a solid and spectacular work.

Personal impression: Akira Ishida

Image source: Movie version “Kimetsu no Yaiba” Infinite Train Edition From the trailer
© Koyoharu Gotouge / Shueisha / Aniplex / ufotable

After all it is a stone’s throw (laugh)
As a character’s digging, it ’s a little thin.
He played a strong sense of enmity, and the moment he came out, the tension went up.

I often see the impression that I cried, but I’m sure that the part that made me cry
There were several places, but before I cried, there were three older sisters in the seats.
I was sobbing and crying, and I was a little conscious of it.
My tears have withdrawn (laughs)

If you like Devil’s Blade, you can definitely enjoy it.
And it is a work that I definitely want you to see at the “theater”. High quality of drawing,
I want you to enjoy Purgatory’s shit big voice at the theater.

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