Based on further achieving a balance between power performance and vehicle price that is more in line with consumer expectations, BMW has also launched an M Performance car model with an M word before the digital car name. This is available in various car series. It is said that the performance is second only to the M Power version of the “Performance Brother” in the 3 Series even in modern times, but through the fanciful creativity, an “M350i” appeared in the modification market and the basic car is actually the second generation 3 Series The E30 makes people wonder again and again…

Reprinted from: CARLINK chain car network
Original: Don’t lose M Power! “Youngest” E30 Super Special “M350i” Alternative Modification
Written by: Yu Zongda Daco

For old car fans, even the first BMW classic car is the first-generation M3, but it has the characteristics of being scarce and expensive, and people who are not thick enough to get it. It also makes the performance of the same generation E30 basic Version, become the best empathy object for civilian Bimmer fans! Even though it is a classic representative of BMW’s ancient car models, the power and even the appearance are not in touch with the performance, so there are a large number of modification types and strengthening methods that are full of the current new generation style. This car has a Japanese “Rocket Bunny” Rocket Bunny/Pandem wide-body kit on the upper body, and a more domineering “younger” model than the E30 M3. Although the appearance change is a popular method of the new E30 car, the owner has more power enhancement More personal characteristics! In addition to the power model which deviates from the mainstream E30 NA style, the engine is also called the “big guy” grade S62B50. The 5.0L + V8 cylinder design alone is enough to beat the big six-cylinder + turbo E30!

Based on the fact that this engine is standard on the E39 M5, the owner also conceived the super special nickname “E350i”! Although the E30 is smaller than the current hatchback, CDC Performance, as a surgeon, has modified the front frame and engine feet and removed the air-conditioning system at the same time, and the E30 engine has been smoothly packed! Even if the peak output of the original S62B50 is set at 394hp and 500Nm, CDC Performance has a special high-flow intake filter and a direct catalyst section, and the exhaust mid-end section is also whimsical. The upper body F80 M3 double-pipe four-out style is super heterogeneous and effective In addition to the expert Bimmer’s admiration for its modification methods, the combination of programmable ECU also allowed the maximum horsepower to be increased to 420hp. Not only is the number of books only enough to hit the new M Performance car, but it is matched with the completely emptied “M350i” body, even if the total weight is less than 1 ton, the gearbox is still a regular race-level sequence style, starting to accelerate and change For performances such as gears and acceleration, definitely M Power models are not much cheaper…