The Yamaha Xmax 125 2021 adds a more luxurious version of Tech max

In addition to the standard version, the Yamaha Xmax 125 2021 scooter launched a luxury version Tech max 2021, available on the market in March 2021.

In addition to the standard version for the Yamaha Xmax 125 2021 scooter, Yamaha Motor Europe also introduces a more luxurious version, the Yamaha Xmax 125 Tech Max 2021. Overall, the specifications and additional features for the session Tech Max version is similar to the standard version, but with some interesting additions.

Typically the leather seats combine delicate stitches to bring luxury, along with the Tech Max logo, front fork with dewy graphics and new Gilles Tooling handles.


The Yamaha XMAX 125 Tech Max 2021 also comes in two premium color options: the new Power Gray and the existing Tech Kamo.


The vehicle is equipped with a 124cc VVA engine that complies with Euro 5 emission standards, Start & Stop system, traction control system, ABS and smart key.


According to Yamaha Motor Europe, the car will go on sale from March 2021.


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