The Xiuchundao drama version started, Zhang Yunlong and Chen Ruoxuan appeared in 3 people, but Yang Mi did not show up

The Xiuchundao drama version started, Zhang Yunlong and Chen Ruoxuan appeared in 3 people, but Yang Mi did not show up

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The theme of martial arts is an influential subject of Chinese film and television dramas. Although current audiences like to watch Dangai dramas and Xianxia dramas, there are occasional martial arts film and television dramas. Last year, the martial arts drama “” starring Zhao Liying and Wang Yibo “You Fei” is very popular, and the series of movies “Xiu Chun Dao” directed by Lu Yang also received high ratings.

Now there are new developments in Lu Yang’s new work. The drama version of “Xiu Chun Dao” has been announced. The full name is “Shadow of Xiu Chun Dao Mountains and Rivers”. However, Lu Yang is only the producer, and the directors are Li Yi and Cao Hua. On June 28th, Sun Yi, Zhang Yunlong and Chen Ruoxuan appeared at the opening ceremony of Hengdian. They all appeared in white shirts, and they were all in good condition.

Especially the female protagonist Sun Yi is wearing sunglasses, dressing up casually and showing vitality. Chen Ruoxuan is very cool and fanciful in the life picture. This actor is too suitable for martial arts dramas, and I don’t know the tacit understanding between Zhang Yunlong and Chen Ruoxuan in the drama. How high is it?

The drama version of “Embroidered Spring Knife” has been launched, but it is a pity that Yang Mi, the top actress after 1985, did not show up, which also shows that she no longer cooperates with Lu Yang to film this subject. Director Lu Yang respects Yang Mi very much. When filming “Xiu Chun Dao 2”, he asked Yang Mi to play the female No. 1 “Bei Zhai”. When filming the New Year film “Assassination of the Novelist”, Lu Yang also asked Yang Mi to play the female one. number.

In the past, the reputation of this top actress in movies has been very bad. The ratings of her films basically stayed between 4-5 points, which is quite embarrassing. Later, she appeared in two consecutive movies with martial arts colors by Lu Yang. The scores have reached the level of 7 points, I have to say that director Lu Yang is Yang Mi’s Bole.

The current version of “Embroidered Spring Knife” is confirmed to be starred by three young actors, Zhang Yunlong, Chen Ruoxuan and Sun Yi, indicating that Sun Yi is the number one female. The lineup of the show is relatively young, and it is definitely not comparable to the movie version of “Xiu Chun Dao”. After all, the protagonists of the film version of Zhang Zhen, Zhang Yi, Lei Jiayin, and Wang Qianyuan are all actors at the movie level.

However, Sun Yi is very beautiful, with a face value comparable to that of Yang Mi, and with a classical temperament, it is very suitable for acting in a role in a martial arts drama. Zhang Yunlong and Chen Ruoxuan look tough and sunny, looking forward to the handsome appearance of the two male stars in flying fish costumes and hand-held embroidered spring knives. Dare to ask what do you think of the lineup of the drama version of “Xiu Chun Dao”? Looking forward to the show?


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