Good news for Mifan: The Xiaomi Mi 9 screen can overclock the refresh rate to 84Hz - Photo 1.

The Xiaomi Mi 9 screen can overclock the refresh rate to 84Hz

Xiaomi is undoubtedly one of the companies with the largest community of software, ROM and patching communities in the smartphone market. There are many smartphone buyers of this Chinese electronics company because of high-end hardware at low prices, then install the ROMs themselves for a highly personal experience.

Recently, this community also made a new 'miracle' when creating a MOD version that can overclock the screen of Mi 9 with 60Hz refresh rate (like most other regular smartphones) to 84Hz, ie near reached the 90Hz threshold of the newly released OnePlus 7 Pro.

Good news for Mifan: Xiaomi Mi 9's screen can overclock refresh rate to 84Hz - Photo 2.

To do this, users will have to unlock the bootloader, then install a file into the dtbo partition. Mi 9's base plate is made to run smoothly at 60Hz, so overclocking to 84Hz will also cause an error. Some users said that after doing this, their screen appears green haunting. But the good news is that for the majority of people who have done it, the results are positive.

When asked about this MOD version, software director Zhang Guoquan said that it could completely add the feature right in MIUI, but Xiaomi did not do this because it wanted to make sure all the machines worked perfectly. good. However, he still wants to thank the people who created the MOD version, because of them, the Mifan community is just as strong as today.

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