Sigma announces FP: World's smallest mirrorless full-frame camera - Photo 1.

The world's smallest mirrorless Full-frame camera

In an unexpected move, Sigma announced a completely new camera named after Sigma FP. This is a mirrorless camera, using Full-frame sensors and L-mount mounts – a mount with the cooperation of 3 photographers Leica, Panasonic and Sigma.

The device has a three-dimensional measurement of 112.6 × 69.9 × 45.3mm and weighs only 370g (increased to 422g if both SD and battery are included) – this figure is achieved by completely eliminating the shutter, so the machine will use the electronic shutter completely.

Image acquisition is a 24.6MP BSI-CMOS sensor with Bayer filter, not Sigma's famous Foveon. The sensor is housed in a weather-resistant body, featuring a 3.2-inch screen (2.1 million-pixel resolution), an SD card slot, mic port, headset, HDMI and USB 3.1.

Sigma announced FP: World's smallest mirrorless Full-frame camera - Photo 2.
Sigma announces FP: World's smallest mirrorless Full-frame camera - Photo 3.
Sigma announces FP: World's smallest mirrorless Full-frame camera - Photo 4.

In terms of parameters, the camera can take 14-bit DNG images at 18 frames per second, 100-25600 ISO range, 49-point contrast focus capability, support for eye and face focus. 2 features for shooting are Auto HDR (take multiple photos to create wide dynamic range), Cinemagraph (automatic GIF creation thanks to continuous shooting capability).

Movie recording capability of 2-bit 4K / 24p CinemaDNG RAW. It will also have support features such as waveform (light signboard) and shutter angle control – 2 features that are usually available only in professional camcorders. According to Sigma, the device is small but will be highly removable, users can add accessories such as electronic viewfinder, hot-shoe or large grip.

Video introducing Sigma FP

Sigma FP will be sold in the fall of this year, but the company has not announced the official price yet. After that, the company will launch a version using Foveon sensor with 3 layers of images, with each layer having a resolution of 20MP to create 60MP images.

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