The world's lovely 75-year-old Yoon Yeo-jung "I don't see'Yoon Stay' because I'm annoyed" (Vogue Korea)

The world’s lovely 75-year-old Yoon Yeo-jung “I don’t see’Yoon Stay’ because I’m annoyed” (Vogue Korea)

[스포츠서울 박효실기자] The story of Yoon Yeo-jung, who is’perpetual active actor’ and’loving 75 years old’, was included in the pictorial interview.

It was a pleasant interview with a peculiar harsh voice and humor. On the 20th, Vogue Korea released an interview video conducted at Yoon Yeo-jung’s photo shoot through the official YouTube channel.

Yoon Yeo-jung said, “I’m really sorry to the readers of’Vogue’. I took a pictorial. How brave it is to take a pictorial at this age. Even if you don’t want to look at it, pass it over. A lot of pretty models will come out next time.” it started.

He laughed at the question “What is perfect happiness?” and said, “Where is perfect happiness? There’s no such thing. Isn’t there not just me, but everyone?” When I asked “the most fearful thing,” he confessed, “I’m afraid I’ll get dementia.”

Her versatile talent is her singing ability. He said, “I wish I could sing a little better. I’m shy. So I like singers who sing well.” When asked’What I want to change’, he smiled and said, “I want to change my inner world if I want to be educated. It didn’t work well. I’m trying to do it.”

Serious answers flowed to questions about life’s favorite person or object. He said, “The person I like changed because people saw it. Why did I live well if there were two people next to me when I died. I said,’Would there be no two people in the world’, but the person with whom I die seems to be a special relationship.” .

After living in the United States as a young man, he was awarded the film’Buttercup’They are attracting attention with their proficient English skills in entertainment such as self-meeting venues and tvN’s’Yoon’s Restaurant’ and’Yoonstay’. One of the things that many envy is the easy-to-read English proficiency with a unique sense of humor.

He said, “I can’t speak English” to the question “How to get close to English?” “I hear it because I lived there, and I want to answer quickly, but it’s annoying because I get stuck.” He said, “The language of others is endless. I can’t do it perfectly unless I was born there. So I don’t see’Yoonstay’. I replied, “Because I know I’m wrong. I must have just written the wrong one. Oh, it’s annoying.”

Yoon Yeo-jung then asked, “If you were born again, where would you like to be born?”, “I don’t want to be born again, but it’s good to be reborn in Korea. Because we lived when it was too hard. I’m seventy-five, so I saw a lot. Compared to now, the world cannot develop like this,” he smiled proudly.

He said, “You live in a really happy world. I’m fine. Even if you’re born again in Korea,” he said.

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