The Biden administration's China policy remains ambiguous and questionable

The world is turning to the left, the US and China are leading the way?

China’s reforms opened up for 40 years, Xi Jinping resumed his Mao Zedong leftist line. In America, after the general election, the left once again controlled the United States, the “political correctness” that prevailed in America, it seemed that the two great states of the East and the West were moving rapidly. to the left. Below are comments of Hong Kong industrialist Yuan Cung Di and constitutional expert Chu Feng.

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Without a blocking mechanism, the world would turn to the left

Hong Kong built 180 years ago, this time encountered the largest wave of immigrants, Mr. Yuan Cung Di said that he could not blame Xi Jinping entirely. “Deng Xiaoping is most afraid of ‘cholera’, but there is no mechanism to prevent the emergence of ‘left’,” “So without Xi Jinping today, there will still be others following the ‘left’ line,” Simply put, the government controls everything of the people, including thoughts, freedoms, and property.

Mr. Vien Cung Di pointed out that if there is no mechanism to prevent the “leftist”, then the world will inevitably turn to the left, without this Xi Jinping, there will be another Xi Jinping. to stop China, America will [hướng tả] such. “All Democrats are doing the Cultural Revolution, very similar to the Cultural Revolution in ancient China.”, the slogans of socialism and communism are clearly new, “Without capitalists and nobility”But the reality is to persecute the people, because of the emergence of new capitalists and new nobility: capitalism on the national level.

The CCP’s Political-Law Committee is a mistake

He went on to point out, the CCP has an agency called it “Committee on Politics and Laws”, but “Politics” and “law” is incompatible with each other. So it is necessary to study and discuss the origin of law? “According to the US regime, the legislature is governed by the National Assembly, the National Assembly is constituted by members of the congress, and the congressmen are elected by the people, and ultimately by the people. ” Still “The judiciary consists of the courts and judges, judges are appointed by the president, the president is also elected by the people.“, So the law also comes from the people.

He laughed and said he did not understand “Commission on Politics and Laws” of Where does the CCP come from? “Politics” and “Law” are two different systems, the law embraces politics, “If politics and law are united, then the law loses its independence ”,“ the law has politics is not the law ”.

Zhou Yongkang used to be the Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, considered the number one criminal in Chinese justice disorder. Mr. Yuan Cung Di argues that the system of the CCP’s Political-Legal Committee is a mistake.

The original purpose of the law was to bind the government

Mr. Chu Phong said that China is based on “rule of person” (the ruler) rather than “rule of law”, so the manifestations that appear are all of its own, also from the perspective of origin. of the law, first of all there is politics then there is a law. The original law of the United States was used to bind the government, restrict public power, and then to the popular people“That means the law first and then politics, after the law is in place, the more transparent politics will be, the healthier it operates”; China, on the other hand, is the law of the CCP to bind the people, not the government itself.

Mr. Vien Cung Di said that in a country that donates itself to democracy, people are owners, elites (rulers) are slaves; in communist country the opposite is true. Mr. Xi Jinping is in the hands of the rule of law, manipulating the law again, laws like this can only become a tool of domination, losing the function of binding the government.

The CCP emphasizes the two words “people” most.

Mr. Chu Phong said that “Democratic donation” In America is based on the constitution to achieve democracy, when the constitutional institution has added the element of democracy, the legitimacy of the government’s consensus comes from the people. In China, the CCP proclaimed itself to represent the people nationwide, “The CCP is an advanced element of the people”, hence it has full responsibility, but “about form ” then the CCP is closest to the people’s government. Everywhere in China can be seen the word “people”, for example “People’s Park”, “People’s Road”, “People’s Bank”, Great Hall of the People “, Congress of People’s Deputies”, “The People’s Republic of China”, etc., but these things are actually vanity.

Last November, the democratic members of the Hong Kong Legislative Assembly resigned, now there is only one voice left in the council, or the voice of the pro-Communist faction. On February 5, Ms. Lam Trinh Nguyet Nga at the meeting of the Legislative Council, praised it as the meeting without any objection. She said “This is the legislature that we Hong Kong people need to cherish.” Mr. Chu Phong pointed out, “The CCP has thoroughly disposed of the democracy in the Legislative Assembly, without the democracy, the meeting has only one voice, asking if you want to raise your hand, the CCP wants to do this.

He continued to point out, “Hong Kong is doomed”Therefore, people were left continuously; The “Sino-English Joint Declaration” gave the Hong Kong people 20 powers, but was completely taken away by the CCP, “Even the right of Hong Kong people to move is threatened”. The CCP exercises totalitarian rule over Hong Kong, eliminating all voices of protest, and wants to arrest all democratic people without hesitation in being condemned by international accusations.

Mr. Chu Feng said that the CCP has used tricks up until now, playing double standard games, “If I manage you, it’s fine, if you manage me, it is my internal affairs!”, “The Chinese people are absolutely dissatisfied. [điều này]! ”

Even Mr. Pompeo once pointed out, needing to separate the CCP from China, the CCP does not represent the Chinese people, the CCP was fearful and persisted in tying it to the Chinese. And Biden’s new Foreign Minister, Mr. Blinken, did not emphasize his point of view “The CCP is not China.” Therefore, Mr. Yuanying-Di was worried that the CCP would take advantage of that, “Allow the CCP to represent the Chinese people, this is troublesome, the CCP is a bit open to using people as a shield.”

Ly Hoai Quat, Vision Times

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