The working principle of automobile air blower clutch

The working principle of automobile air blower clutch

The clutch of the car fan helps to shorten the time to warm up the engine to optimize fuel use.

Radiator fan clutch (also known as centrifugal unit) is a form of thermal springs that operate based on a liquid silicone solvent based on the temperature of the car coolant to work. When the vehicle is operating, this device will control the working mode of the car radiator fan. The temperature that centrifugal radiator fan senses will be the temperature of the wind passing through the radiator fins of the radiator.

Car exhaust fan clutchCar exhaust fan clutch

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The working principle of automobile air blower clutch

When the car is started, the coolant temperature is low. At that time, the temperature of the air passing through the radiator of the car was low, so the silicone in the fan clutch did not expand and the fan only turned slightly because the silicone inside the rotor was low. After running the heater, the cooling water temperature will rise, so the coolant temperature will be higher. This causes the Silicone in the radiator fan clutch to open due to heat and cause the device to rotate at an angle so that the valve and baffle holes overlap and the oil enters the workspace.

Behind the clutchBehind the clutch

Without heat, the Rotor and Cover would not be exposed to any transmission due to the absence of oil. However, when there is heat, the valve will open and oil will flow from the rotor to the cover and the fan will rotate rapidly thanks to the hydraulic transmission torque to reduce the heat of wind passing through the radiator. During the course of such work, Silicone will run two storage compartments and operate.

After stopping the operation, the cooling water temperature drops, thereby leading to the cooling of the water through the radiator. Silicone will then shrink and the valve will close the gap between the holder and the working chamber. In this case, the oil in the workspace will be trapped and centrifuged inertia out of the contact slot and then recovered back to the storage chamber.


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Note: The rotor has a guide vane that is used to pump oil through the rotor and cover gap mentioned earlier. The opening is structured like a throttle to increase the likelihood of oil entering the operating chamber and preventing backflow. For more information about operability, you can refer to the fan clutch diagram of the car cooling system.

Structure diagram of a water fan clutch

Structure diagram of a water fan clutch

In addition, car cooling systems and coolant are created to avoid overheating of the engine regardless of time. Therefore, the clutch fan rotation quickly in low temperatures is not necessary. When the wind is strong, the car will make noise and reduce power.

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After learning the basics of the working principle of the automobile fan clutch, we can understand that the fan clutch is similar to a cooling tank fan control system. And accompanied by such tasks as improving the ability to retain heat of the water, reducing water warming time, thereby helping to save fuel and increase engine life.

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