The Woman Behind Sandy Bridge and Skylake Returns to Intel

After Pat Gelsinger – a war general who worked for Intel for decades was invited back to hold the CEO position, Intel continued to “recall” another extremely important person – Ms. Shlomit Weiss – the woman standing behind Sandy Bridge and Skylake – two of Intel’s most important processor lines that are still used by many people.

Shlomit Weiss has 28 years with Intel and on LinkedIn, she said she will return to Intel as senior vice president and co-head of the engineering design group (DEG) at Intel and will work at Intel. at Intel’s design center in Israel next to Sunil Shenoy – another general who had 33 years working for Intel just returned in February this year.


Shlomit Weiss is the latest character in the list of former generals being called back to work by Intel. During his 28 years at Intel, Weiss led the development team of Sandy Bridge and Skylake – two extremely important processor lines from Intel that have helped Intel to great success over the past decade. Sandy Bridge or 2nd generation Core i reasserts Intel’s leadership position in the processor market and continues with the 6th generation Skylake or Core i extending to the current Comet Lake. Skylake is also Intel’s most profitable microarchitecture. Weiss has received the Achievement Award – Intel’s highest award and she also founded the Intel Women’s Forum in 2014. In 2017, Ms. Weiss left Intel to join Mellanox/Nvidia to hold the position of senior vice president. in semiconductor engineering and leads Nvidia’s network chip design team.

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In his new role at Intel, Weiss will lead the development and design of consumer chips. In addition to co-heading the DEG division with Sunil Shenoy, Ms. Weiss will also be involved in initiatives for the data center segment.

Intel is calling back at least seven of its veteran engineers, who have spent many years with the company and are now back in engineering-focused positions. They are the people who are credited with helping Intel build the core technology that has shaped Intel today. Previously, they left Intel for many reasons, including the scandal of CEO Brian Krzanich as well as the brain drain of Intel under this CEO. When Intel recalled Pat Gelsinger and appointed him as the new CEO to replace Bob Swan, he immediately showed his influence when calling a series of longtime former employees back to work with the goal of building the next generation of new hardware, and the offer worked.

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However, Intel will come to a time when they will run out of old people to call back because they will eventually retire and give it to the younger generation. Intel’s key people are often “cultivated” talent, often working for the company for more than 20 years right out of college, CEO Pat Gelsinger himself. If Intel keeps recruiting old people into important positions, young talents will have little chance of promotion.

  • December 2020: Intel hires Ms. Masooma Bhaiwala (16 years experience at AMD, director of AMD’s Semi-Custom SoC segment (processors for Xbox, PS5) to be vice president of Graphics SoC segment (along with Raja Koduri)
  • January 2021: Intel hires Glenn Hinton (35-year experience at Intel, the father of Nehalem architecture) to lead the new generation high-performance microprocessor project
  • January 2021: Intel hires Sunil Shenoy (33 years of experience at Intel), serving as vice president and director of Intel’s Design Engineering Group (DEG)
  • January 2021: Intel hires Guido Appenzeller (formerly VMware’s chief technology officer) to lead Intel’s Data Platforms Group (DPG) team
  • February 2021: Intel hires Pat Gelsinger (30 years experience at Intel, previously VMware CEO) to be Intel’s CEO
  • May 2021: Intel hires Ali Ibrahim (13 years experience at AMD, lead Xbox and cloud related projects at AMD) as VP of architecture and platform engineering for GPU development
  • June 2021: Intel hires Hong Hao (13 years of experience at Samsung, head of Samsung’s North American semiconductor business) to be the business development leader for Intel Foundry Services – Intel’s chip manufacturing outsourcing service
  • June 2021: Intel hires Stuart Pann (33 years of experience at Intel) as Head of Business Management Group (BMG) responsible for pricing, revenue and market forecasting
  • June 2021: Intel hires Bob Brennan (22 years of experience at Intel) as vice president of customer design support at Intel Foundry Services
  • June 2021: Intel hires Nick McKeown (a professor with 27 years of experience at Stanford University) as senior vice president and director of the Network & Edge Group (NEG) division.
  • June 2021: Intel hires Greg Lavender (35 years of experience working for Sun/Citi/VMWare) as vice president and chief technology officer (CTO) and director of Software & Advanced Technology Group (SATG)
  • July 2021: Intel hires Shlomit Weiss (28 years of experience at Intel, head of development for the Sandy Bridge and Skylake architectures) as senior vice president and co-head of the DEG division.

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