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“The Witcher 3” free upgrade to adapt to the next era, the hidden dangers of price war

On September 4th, CDPR, a Polish company that ranks among the world’s first-line game developers with the well-known ARPG “Witcher” series, announced that its popular work “The Witcher 3: Complete Edition” will be registered on the next-generation dual platform in the form of a double upgrade of visual technology. All the content contained in the game will be fully enhanced, and it will also support the ray tracing technology and more efficient loading speed of the new console. Players can purchase this version separately after the next-generation console is launched. Players who currently have PC, XBOX One and PS4 versions can upgrade for free after the next-generation console is launched.

The Polish dumb donkey has always maintained a simple and honest style. This free upgrade to adapt to the next-generation platform has exploded in the circle of major players. At the same time, it once again proved to the players that the next era has arrived. In fact, the speed of the next era is faster than you think.

The new and the old, the 3A game of the first year of the second era

In the first year of 2020 as the host of the next era, how to open the wallets of old players and enter the group of new players has become a required course for both PS and XBOX. Of course, it is these many next-generation games that impress players.

Actually, “The Witcher 3” is just a representative.

Recently, developer Behavious said that “Death by Daylight” will be launched on the PS5/Xbox series X platform during Christmas. Players who have already purchased can get the latest version for free on the new platform and retain their previous game progress. The next generation version of the development team will have a major renovation. Their goal is to “increase immersion tenfold and make the environment as real as a terrible, disturbing nightmare.” The lighting, visual effects, models, materials, and animations in the game will also be fully upgraded, and the props will also be more. Behavious developers said in an interview: “We will upgrade the visual image every six weeks. In the next few We will upgrade’thousands of materials’ in the month.”

On September 7, “Dust 5” officially announced that the release of the game console of this generation was postponed to October 17, and it was confirmed again that it would be postponed to November 6. It is reported that the official has previously stated that the work will be launched on the PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms on October 17th. The current time has been postponed to November 6th, and the official has not disclosed the time of the next-generation version of the work. What has changed. Taking into account that the release time of the next-generation console will be later than the above time, it is expected that the official did not mention it. According to the official statement, the next-generation launch time will still be launched at the end of this year.

The hot game series “Hitman” will launch the latest version on January 20 next year. “Hitman3” will have PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC and Google Stadia versions. Although it will not be officially sold until mid-January next year, the game company Epic Games announced yesterday that it will accept pre-orders. In order to attract players who plan to switch phones, Epic Games said that buying “Hitman 3” can get free next-generation upgrades, Xbox One will be through Smart Delivery, and PS4 will be downloaded through the PlayStation Store.

The newest work in the “Call of Duty” series, “Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War”, has also been officially unveiled recently, and the release date is November 13. But this year’s situation is somewhat special. On the one hand, it is the time when the new and old hosts are alternated. On the other hand, because the new hosts are backward compatible, the gameplay of this new game will be very complicated. For example, players who choose Sony must first consider whether to buy the PS4 version or the PS5 version of the game. Under normal circumstances, players with PS4 consoles buy PS4 games, and players with PS5 consoles buy PS5 games. There is not much to analyze. But because the PS5 console supports backward compatibility with PS4 games, you can still buy PS4 games if you have a PS5 console.

Based on the above-mentioned well-known IP game works, they have embraced the next era, and the transition to the next era has become a foregone conclusion. Even in the first year of the next era, it is a very fast attack speed.

Behind the price increase, the price worries of the next era

Although a lot of well-known games are coming back to the players like pouring beans, what worries the players more is the price of games in the next era. In fact, the biggest reason for the free upgrade of “The Witcher 3” by CDPR this time is that it is free, but in fact the 3A masterpieces of other manufacturers are not so conscientious.

What players can remember is the price of the next-generation “NBA” series under 2K, which will be increased from $59.9 to $69.9. It is worth mentioning that the price increase of games in the next era has even affected some games that have been interviewed in the past. Since the end of July, the price of “Far Cry 5” and “Watch Dogs 2” has risen from 248 yuan to 298 yuan, and the old game “Child of Light” has also risen from 68 yuan to 75 yuan. In addition to the national area, other Steam low-price areas have also started permanent price increases. After the price increase tide ends, almost all of its game IP series are included.

Although there is no news about other manufacturers’ price increases, the price increases are being brewed and developed in the industry, and various manufacturers are more likely to wait and see.

Capcom recently stated that they have not yet decided on this matter, and that they will closely monitor the situation and make decisions based on industry trends. Kapoor said: “We currently do not have a fixed policy.” “After analyzing our strengths and weaknesses, we will consider our approach and pay close attention to industry trends.”

Of course, the more important thing is that a simple price increase of $10 is not the end, but only the beginning. In addition to the standard version, DLC, season tickets, etc., these current methods of attracting money used by various manufacturers are hard to guarantee that they will not be used in next-generation games.

Correspondingly is the overall price increase of a console game.

Developers certainly know that price increases mean that players hate price increases, but behind the price increase is the demand of the entire game industry.

In fact, before 2K Sports announced the price increase, when Sean Leyden, the former chairman of Sony Interactive Entertainment, talked about the costs and risks of game development in an interview, he said bluntly: “I don’t think the next generation will be In the case of rising costs, this industry can continue to grow healthily”, “Since I came into contact with this industry, the price of games has always been $59.99, but the cost of making games has increased by 10 times”, “4K HDR and creation The world is not cheap, everything related to game development is human cost”…

At the GameBab Live conference, Shawn Layden, the former president of SIE, also expressed his concern about the doubling of the cost of next-generation game development. He believes that the development of next-generation 3A games will inevitably soar from today’s 80 million US dollars to 150 million US dollars. “It is very difficult for every adventure game to provide 50-60 hours of gaming experience, because it will require more cost. Finally, you may drive some interesting creators and their stories out of the market, if this It is the threshold they must reach. We must reassess. Is there another answer?”

He believes that the solution to weaken the price increase of the game is the shrinking of the content. Layden predicts that players will see more 3A games with a duration of only 12-15 hours on next-generation consoles, just like players often see in the PS1 and PS2 era.

Either increase the price or reduce the process of the game itself, which is not a good choice. But when the actual cost is in front of you, the two must choose one. For players, whether to give up part of the game content and choose high-quality games, or choose to pay a part of the cost to maintain a high-quality game experience, everyone will be different. Manufacturers are exploring, and players will prove their answers through actions.

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