The WHO inspection team said the Chinese refused to share the original data of the first covid cases

The biggest problem here is that the WHO team is not allowed to view the raw data of these reports, which they would need to do a neutral self-assessment. According to Dominic Dwyer, an Australian microbiologist from the inspection team, the Chinese have given a few examples, but have not given enough, which an epidemiological investigation is required to conduct the fight. price 1 fully. That is why the interpretation of these figures becomes limited compared with the report from the Chinese side. According to him, until the time the delegation left China, the two sides have not reached an agreement on sharing original data.

The fact that China keeps providing information in a drip or ignoring requests from WHO has made governments even more suspicious of its transparency in wanting to find the ends of the Translate. An example of this is that according to the WHO group they know that about 90 patients have symptoms corresponding to the common symptoms of covid-19 recorded 2 months before the outbreak in Wuhan. However, when the delegation arrived, the Chinese side did not bring samples to test for antibodies, which is almost meaningless because after more than a year the number of antibodies may have dropped below detectable levels.

Mr. Peter Ben Embarek, WHO team leader presented the possible routes of the virus

According to the Danish epidemiologist Thea Fischer, who was also in the inspection team, there were times when the two sides had a rather fierce argument over the data issue. She shared that if she looked at the Chinese report, she could not find any inconsistencies, but they could not take the raw data, what made the report, and this made her not trustworthy because she only believed. in facts based on data, not in what others have shown us.

Even within this organization, there is also ambiguity about the opinion when the group representative says the origin is unknown, and the idea of ​​a virus escaping from the lab is almost impossible. Then the WHO Director-General said the organization remains open to all possibilities of pandemic spread.

According to WHO they will present their initial results next week, and a full report will be released a few weeks later. Currently, the China Health Commission declined to comment on the WHO comment.

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