The White House: "We don't take advice" from former President Trump about immigration

The White House: “We don’t take advice” from former President Trump about immigration

White House press secretary Jen Psaki has responded to former President Donald Trump’s criticism of the Biden administration for an increase in illegal immigration along the southern border.

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Speaking to reporters on Friday, Ms. Psaki said: “We do not accept the advice or advice of former President Trump about immigration policy.” The policies are “inhumane” and “ineffective,” said Ms. Psaki.

“We will map the way forward, including the treatment of children with human affection and respect,” she said.

Psaki seems to note that more children will migrate to the US-Mexico border after Mr. Biden issued a series of executive orders that removed some of Trump’s policies, including stopping construction of the border wall. and the “Stay in Mexico” policy.

“Obviously we will have more children across the country – because we left unaccompanied minors. And the government just passed them out immorally, “ Ms. Psaki said on Friday. When asked if the new administration would reverse some of Trump’s policies, Psaki replied: “No.”

Some of the children will eventually be returned to their water, according to Ms Psaki.

Also on Friday, former President Trump through Save America PAC said his move to reverse some of his policies had encouraged the current rise of illegal immigrants and caused a nuclear crisis. religion.

“The swirling tsunami [người nhập cư bất hợp pháp] At the border is putting pressure on local communities, depleting budgets, overcrowding hospitals and robbing legitimate American workers, ” Trump said in a statement. “When I left office, we reached the safest border in our country’s history. Under Biden, it will soon get worse, more dangerous, and out of control than ever. He violated his oath to uphold the Constitution and our law enforcement ”.

“Our amazing ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and Border Patrol agents have been despised, demeaned and ridiculed by the Biden Administration,” Mr. Trump added.

“The people who shouldn’t be here are making a mass invasion of our country, and it’s going on for hours, minutes by minute, it’s getting worse. Many have criminal records, and many others have been spreading the virus, “ Mr. Trump wrote, referring to the Chinese virus.

Mr. Biden and Homeland Security Minister Alejandro Mayorkas both said they did not see the border situation as a “crisis”. However, a Democrat from Texas – Rep. Henry Cuellar, released a statement on Thursday saying about 10,000 illegal immigrants were detained in the Del Rio border area for the week. by. He also warned of an impending humanitarian disaster.

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