The White House resident correspondent says the Biden team wants to know the question first

The White House resident correspondent says the Biden team wants to know the question first

The Daily Beast news site earlier this week published an article citing private sources denouncing the Biden government and the White House press team who wanted to know in advance the questions reporters would ask during daily press conferences.

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In the article titled, “White House Correspondent: Team Biden wants our questions first“, The Daily Beast said:”If you’re a reporter with a difficult question for the White House press secretary, Mr. Joe Biden’s staff won’t be afraid to ask about it first.“.

According to three sources familiar with this matter, as well as the written information that The Daily Beast has reviewed, the new president’s media staff sometimes ask reporters for questions they will ask Thu. New White House press sign Jen Psaki in press conferences”, The article by The Daily Beast wrote.

The Daily Beast’s article entails other issues that need to be answered. That is whether the White House team is only trying to know what the reporter is interested in at any given moment, or are they asking about the exact questions reporters will ask Mr. Biden’s press secretary during the meeting. daily News?

The Daily Beast, citing anonymous sources, said that the White House team wanted to know exactly what question reporters would ask the press secretary.

The Daily Beast quoted an unnamed White House resident reporter: “The White House is choosing the questions they want. It’s nothing like a free press“.

The Daily Beast said Biden’s press team “did not deny that the staff [Nhà Trắng] asked the reporters’ questions in advance. But the White House has justified that it has been trying to strengthen its relationship with the press better than the previous administration and has been trying to reach out to reporters directly to avoid misleading questions appearing in the reports. Press conference“.

According to Just the News, the White House sought to explain the report of The Daily Beast. A White House spokesman said: “Our goal is to make the press conference as productive and informative as possible for both the journalist and the public … Two-way exchanges are an important part of ensuring the American people are up to date. Stay informed about how the government is serving them“.

Talking about this issue on Fox News, Mr. John Roberts – a reporter with years of permanent experience at the White House, said that if Mr. Biden’s team asked specific questions and based on that to call or Not calling reporters questions at the press conference, that’s bad.

Mr. Roberts also said that “Will there be a difference between asking ‘today what issues or information do you want to know? By asking ‘what questions will you ask?

DePauw University professor Jeffrey McCall gave a brief conclusion on Fox News: “Every press conference is a risky situation for the White House [dưới thời Biden], and should [Thư ký báo chí] Psaki really wanted to take responsibility and prepared reporters for questions. The important thing here is whether this process is being used to hold press conferences or simply to prepare them.“.

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