US President Donald Trump gave an interview at the White House on November 3. Photo: Reuters.

The 'whistle-blower' will contact the Republican party directly

The official denounced President Trump offering direct contact with Republican members of the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee.

This is a response to the efforts of the Republican Party, led by Trump, to unmask the whistle-blower, an undisclosed member of the US intelligence community, Mark Zaid, lawyer for This person said on 3/11.

"Republicans have sought to reveal our client identity, which could jeopardize the safety of themselves and their families," Zaid posted on Twitter.

The whistleblower's request was also made after President Trump called on the accuser to show him. "The whistle-blower was so wrong that he had to appear," Trump posted on Twitter on November 3. The US president then called him "Obama" and a con man when he answered reporters at the White House on the same day.

The Republican Party has repeatedly complained that the impeachment investigation in the House of Representatives led by the Democratic Party is unfair to them and the President because the Republican Party is restricted from interrogating witnesses. Zaid said his client's request was sent to Republican congressman Devin Nunes on 2 November, reflecting the desire that the Trump impeachment investigation process would be resolved in a nonpartisan manner.

"Let me make this clear: Our willingness to cooperate will never change. However, what we object to and upset is the attempt to expose the whistleblower's identity," Andrew Bakaj, another lawyer of the whistle-blower, said the same day.

Devin Nunes's office has not yet spoken about the incident.

US President Donald Trump gave an interview at the White House on November 3. Image: Reuters.

The long-standing policy of the Intelligence Committee is to protect the identity of whistleblowers. Trump has repeatedly lashed out at this and called on the accuser to disclose his identity. The White House boss denies any improper conduct and insists that the impeachment investigation is politically motivated.

The storm with Trump began in August when an anonymous whistleblower working in the US intelligence community expressed concern about a July 25 telephone conversation between the White House boss and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The US president asked the Ukrainian leader to conduct an investigation into the father of former president Joe Biden.

After the vote on October 31 with 232 votes in favor and 196 votes against, the US House of Representatives officially opened a new and open phase in the impeachment investigation of the White House boss.

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