The WFP is applied to receive a knife in the Tigray area of ​​Ethiopia image 1Refugees in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. (Photo: Anadolu)

Managing director World food program (WFP) David Beasley announced on 7/2, he reached an agreement with Ethiopia to expand accessibility for relief workers and “scale up” operations in the conflict Tigray area in This northern African country.

David Beasley’s announcement on Twitter came amid growing concerns about one humanitarian disaster in Tigray, three months after the outbreak of fighting between forces loyal to the ruling party in the region and the government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

Mr. Beasley said the Ethiopian Government and the WFP “agreed on concrete steps to expand humanitarian access throughout the Tigray region. WFP will expand its scope of operations.”

A WFP statement stated that Ethiopian officials agreed to expedite the review of relief workers’ requests to move in the Tigray area.

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According to the announcement, the WFP agreed to the initial government’s offer to provide emergency food aid to 1 million people in Tigray and help transport it to the inaccessible rural areas.

In a separate statement, Minister of Peace Ethiopia Muferihat Kamil said the government was “urgently approving the proposal to bring international staff into Tigray.”

Fighting between the Ethiopian Government Army and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) broke out from November 4, 2020. The Ethiopian government accused the TPLF of masterminding many destabilizing cases across the country.

This is inherently a poor area with about 6 million people constantly in poverty. Acute respiratory tract inflammation epidemic COVID-19, grasshoppers destroy crops and the conflict has made this place more “dead land.”

According to the latest UN figures, more than 56,000 people at Tigray have fled to Sudan since the conflict broke out. In December 2020, the United Nations decided to provide an emergency aid package worth $ 35.6 million to civilians trapped in the conflict. Tigray./.

Thanh Binh (VNA / Vietnam +)