The West Asian team shot themselves in the foot to ‘help’ Vietnam advance on the FIFA BXH

The latest FIFA rankings witnessed the progress of Vietnam Tel.

Highlights: Quang Hai recorded a super product beating Malaysia (Source: VTC)

Although not participating in any international match in the past time, Vietnam Tel still has a promotion on the latest FIFA rankings. From 93rd place, Vietnam Tel increased one level to 92. The number of points remained the same at 1258.

On the Asian regional rankings, Vietnam Tel went from 14th to 13th place. That was because Lebanon was deducted points for losing to Jordan and drawing in Kuwait, from 1263 to 1256 points. In Southeast Asia, Vietnam Tel still holds the number one position. Followed by Thailand with 1178 points. The football team of the Golden Temple increased to 4 ranks on this April BXH.

Japan is still Asia’s number one team with 1509 points and 28th in the world. Right behind is Iran with 1499 points. The next positions are in South Korea, Australia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, …

On the world level, Belgium ranked first with 1783 points. Among the top 5 are France, Brazil, England and Portugal. This ranking is based on the latest results from the FIFA Days match last March.

Next April and May, the standings will not change much when there are not many international friendly matches. Vietnam Tel is likely to attend a number of friendly matches at the end of May when preparing for the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

In June, Park Hang Seo teachers and students will kick the last 3 matches of the second qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup, meeting Indonesia, Malaysia and the UAE respectively. Winning at least 6 points, it is likely that Vietnam will take the ticket to the final qualifying round. This is also the goal that Coach Park aims for when talking to the media.

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