"The Voice of China": Which of the two bands that went on the wrong set has more advantages?
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“The Voice of China”: Which of the two bands that went on the wrong set has more advantages?

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On the stage of “The Voice of China” this year, many different elements appeared. First of all, in the competition system, an original track that was not available before was added. Secondly, in the players, there is also a professional player that corresponds to a simple singer, and that is the band.

Although the momentum of talent shows in the past few years has been gradually wiped out, with the rapid development of the Internet in recent years, the talent competitions for direct online selection have almost sprung up without being sponsored by TV stations. In the past, there were only singing contests, but now there are all kinds of talents, such as dance, talk show, cross talk, etc., which we rarely contact and see.

Of course, the ever-changing music talent show is never absent, and all music-related talent shows in this series of song and dance, rap, band, etc. are also increasing year by year. There are many contestants who have to participate in several draft shows a year. The first one failed and went to the second competition non-stop.

There are also many players, because they really can’t find a suitable stage, so as long as they can win the game, they will go first. Like this season’s good voice, there are two band players who are on the wrong set. Pinocchio Vocal Orchestra and Zebra Forest are two bands. In the same band, which one is more advantageous on this stage?

1. From the perspective of singing

The Pinocchio Vocal Orchestra is a six-member orchestra. The six-member orchestra acts as mezzo soprano, soprano, tenor, bass and vocal percussion. There is almost no need for the coordination of any musical instruments, and the entire performance is performed by the team members with vocal coordination. TAs basically use the special method of Akabella, which is also the killer of the TAs orchestra.

During the performance, there are also people who switch their identities at any time, replacing them with roles that are needed in the artistic conception of various lyrics. The song is interpreted in a “stunt”-like way of singing throughout the whole process, allowing the listener to show a more complete picture when listening with their eyes closed. The only live performance “Mojito” from the show so far has also allowed the audience to see the eye-catching features of this way of singing.

Zebra Forest, a group of three people who love music in their early twenties. They also bring their own instruments, a guitarist, a bassist, and a lead singer. They basically use a narrative approach to singing. Compared with the former six-member band, Zebra Forest is slightly inferior in sound thickness and layering.

But the two also have a similarity, that is the clarity of the sound, and the overall refreshing comfort. Whether it is the Pinocchio Vocal Orchestra or the Zebra Forest Band, the two bands give the audience a new and sunny feeling. From the perspective of live performances, it is basically based on presenting pictures and narration to give the audience a sense of picture.

Like Li Ronghao said, there are many creative things in Zebra Forest. I believe that through the creation of Li Ronghao, we can see their growth. Simple harmony should not be a big problem for them. Of course, the Pinocchio Vocal Orchestra, built by the professional Nicholas Tse, will also give us many surprises.

2. From the perspective of works

Pinocchio Vocal Orchestra, this band was established relatively early, Si Jijun also went to see the TA’s Weibo, there are many music videos usually shot. But they are basically covers, and almost no original works of their own. In fact, according to the logic of being a normal musician, there must be originality. Maybe the TAs stay behind the show as one of the highlights.

Zebra Forest, although this band has only been established for a year and a half, almost all works are original. When they first appeared on the stage, they were forced to perform three times, all of which were their own original works, and each of them was better than one. As listeners, we can only superficially say that this song is better through the melody of the music and the meaning of the lyrics.

But the four professional tutors frequently said “this one is better than this one” and “if they sing this song in the primaries, I would definitely turn around”, it is enough to explain their originality The work is really good.

In the first issue of this program, when the four instructors talked about the newly created original track this season, they said that as long as they are original, they will bring their own points. It’s already a bit more before the TAs start to sing, so original music works are very advantageous this year on the stage of good sound.

Both bands have their own advantages. In fact, the competition is to give full play to what they are good at. Then polish out your own shortcomings, so that you can go to the end. We can only wait and see what the outcome will be.

Those two bands are considered to be on the wrong set, which one is easier to touch your heart? Feel free to speak in the comment area~


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