The visit prompted the British Prime Minister to require immediate hospitalization
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The visit prompted the British Prime Minister to require immediate hospitalization

The visit caused the British Prime Minister to be asked for immediate hospitalization - 1

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (Image: Reuters)

News page Dailymail The health of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who contracted Covid-19 and isolated himself in an apartment at 11 Downing Street, turned bad on Sunday, when he had a cough and had trouble breathing.

Although he was confirmed to have Covid-19, Mr. Johnson still proved his efforts to take the lead in the fight against the pandemic, while continuing to work long hours during 10 days of isolation.

However, Mr. Johnson decided to consult with the doctor after feeling worsened after Sunday afternoon nap. During an online consultation through the Zoom application, the doctor realized that Mr. Johnson’s condition was much worse than the last time they talked a few days earlier. Mr. Johnson also ignored the doctor’s suggestion that he need to take maximum rest.

When Mr. Johnson admitted that he had felt short of breath and had symptoms similar to the previous pneumonia he had, the doctor recommended that he be hospitalized immediately.

Also follow Dailymail, members of Prime Minister Johnson’s cabinet were shocked to notice his health condition during a video meeting at 10 am on Sunday, April 5.

During the 45-minute meeting with the ministers, the insiders described the Prime Minister’s condition as pale and tense, while others noticed he had trouble breathing while speaking. .

The visit prompted the British Prime Minister to require immediate hospitalization - 2

Mr. Johnson still presided over video cabinet meetings during his quarantine (Image: PA)

After some seemingly small debates with his officials, Prime Minister Johnson was admitted to St Thomas’ hospital in central London on the evening of April 5.

Yesterday, after just one day of hospitalization, Prime Minister Johnson was transferred to the intensive care unit, the UK government confirmed on 6/4. A spokesman for the prime minister’s office reassured Mr. Johnson that he was awake and that the transfer to an intensive care unit was only a precaution against the need for a ventilator.

Nobody was really worried when Mr. Johnson first revealed Covid-19 in a video uploaded to Twitter on March 27, or at least himself. Mr. Johnson started having symptoms of Covid-19 disease on March 26.

Since being diagnosed with illness, he has been isolated in his apartment at 11 Downing Street, while his partner Carrie Symonds – currently pregnant with his child – moved into their home in south London. .

During the isolation period, Mr. Johnson remained in charge of the government, busy with meetings with cabinet members via video, appearing in social media videos. It seems that Mr. Johnson ignored the requests to rest during illness.

“Some friends believe he needs a complete break,” pp The Sun reporting. “He has been working for 15 hours a day since the Covid-19 crisis happened. That did not stop even after he became ill. ”

On March 2, Mr. Johnson showed up on the 11th floor of Downing Street, once again applauding the doctors fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. On April 3, he also posted a video on social media calling for people to stay home despite the warm weather, and also revealed that he continued to isolate himself while still showing a slight fever. Only 2 days later, he was hospitalized.

While the Prime Minister was hospitalized to treat the disease, Dominic Raab, the Secretary of State and the most minister in the cabinet, is expected to temporarily rule the government in the case of Johnson’s deterioration.

Nationwide, the UK now records 51,608 cases of Covid-19 and 5,373 deaths.




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