The Vietnamese Creative Community recreates the spirit of Sao La through #redrawsaola 3 minutes to read
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The Vietnamese Creative Community recreates the spirit of Sao La through #redrawsaola 3 minutes to read

Initiated by Nguyen Viet and Ha Huy HoangThe #redrawsaola hashtag is becoming an exciting new challenge for artists.

It’s no longer a story about finding a mascot for SEA Games 31 Also, #redrawsaola has become a great challenge for you to re-draw Sao La in your own style, set up your own “themes” and then start practicing.

About Sao La

Postage stamps introducing Vietnam saola species.

Sao La is one of the rarest mammal species in the world and is listed as “endangered” in the Red Book of Vietnam and the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Currently, Sao La is recorded as having concentrated individuals living in the Annamite mountains on the border of Vietnam and Laos. Sao La has dark brown fur, long and thin horns pointing straight back.

From the proposed SEA Games mascot image …

Grandmother Le Thi Hoang Yen, Deputy Director General of Sports and Sports, shared “The mascot of SEA Games 31 has yet to be announced, although the mascot design competition has already had results. As expected, the end of September, the organizers will officially announce. Sao La was selected by the jury because it has many meanings and the other models, although also of human value, are animals used over and over again. Through the Sao La logo template, the message about the rare animal species that nature has bestowed upon Vietnam will be widely conveyed to friends in the region and internationally. ”

Sao la image in mascot design competition SEA Games 31

… to tons of interesting “redraw” versions

The image of Sao La was spread and the journey to draw Sao La back to its true nature: it was to call each other to learn about Sao La, to improve their personal abilities together, to be a powerful voice of the community. Vietnamese co-creator.

You can follow the latest updates through hashtag #redrawsaola. Now, together iDesign Check out the diverse and unique works of this challenge!

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