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The Vietnamese community and American and international friends are happy to welcome the New Year of the Year 2021

Ambassador Ha Kim Ngoc and his wife Nguyen Phuong Lien attended the 2021 Xuan Tan Suu congratulatory program and sent warm New Year greetings to the Vietnamese community, together with American and international friends. Photo: Vietnam National News Agency in Washington

This is the first time the Vietnam Embassy in the US has organized an online Tet celebration program with more than 30 players from Hanoi to states across the US.

According to a Vietnam News Agency reporter in the US, the program had the participation of more than 200 guests from the Vietnamese-American community, Vietnamese people who are working, researching and studying in the US with American and international friends who have long been working. year with Vietnam. In particular, many of the guests were the typical faces of Vietnamese intellectuals and businessmen in the US such as Professor Pham Quang Hung, Professor Ngo Nhu Binh, Professor Kieu Linh Caroline Valverde, Dr. Yang Dao, Public President. California Waste Solutions company David Duong, representatives of Vietnamese associations such as Ms. Mai Phan Zymaris – President of the American Youth and Student Association, Mr. Nguyen Dinh Phu – President of Vietnam Business Association in America, Ms. Luna Howard – Chairman of Tim Lai organization for children with two Vietnamese-American blood.

Many American and international friends who are the daughter-in-law – son-in-law of Vietnam, who have actively contributed to the relationship between the two countries in recent years have joined the program, including the former Senior Director of the National Security Council. family Evan Medeiros, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Nirav Patel, family of former Directors of the US Agency for International Financial Development Adam Boehler and Shira Boehler, Ambassador Kenneth Quinn, Vice President of World Bank Victoria Kwakwa, Congressional counselors and assistants, former Ambassadors, US Department of State officials, Defense, Finance, friends from research institutes, NGOs, and American business associations.

At the event, Ambassador Ha Kim Ngoc and Madame Nguyen Phuong Lien sent warm New Year greetings to the Vietnamese community, as well as American and international friends. Ambassador Ha Kim Ngoc said that despite facing many difficulties and challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Vietnam has successfully deployed 3 key missions, both effectively fighting epidemic diseases, ensuring economic development, well done the work of citizen protection and support the Vietnamese community abroad. The Vietnamese representative missions in the US have coordinated well organized flights to bring Vietnamese people home, actively mobilized the local government to ensure security, safety, legitimate rights for citizens and the public. Vietnamese dong. The Vietnamese community in the US has made great efforts to overcome difficulties, joined hands with the local community to fight the epidemic and continued to rise in the political and economic life of the US. Ambassador Ha Kim Ngoc affirmed that the achievements of Vietnam and the Vietnam-US relationship are due to the valuable contribution of the Vietnamese community and the close cooperation support of American and international friends.

The Vietnamese community and American friends together sent their best wishes and wishes for a peaceful and successful new year 2021. Ambassador Kenneth Quinn shared the memory of being the first US Government official to send New Year wishes to the Vietnamese Government 45 years ago and expressed his belief that the Vietnam – US relationship would rise to a new height. The President of the California Waste Solutions company congratulates his homeland Vietnam to overcome the difficult period and continue to grow more. Representing Tim Lai, Ms. Luna Howard expressed her wish that the Vietnamese-American young generation, including the Vietnamese-American children, will increasingly connect and contribute to the homeland.

Attending the program, the guests were able to enjoy the rich and unique art performances of the Vietnamese community, Vietnamese youth and students in the US. The program to welcome the New Year of Tan Suu 2021 left a deep impression on the guests, deepened the feelings of attachment to Vietnam in every Vietnamese, American and international friends, signaling the full new year. hope and prosperity.

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