The US will sell to Taiwan many modern torpedoes worth US $ 180 million
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The US will sell to Taiwan many modern torpedoes worth US $ 180 million

The US government on Wednesday announced to Congress about the sale of many modern torpedoes to Taiwan worth about $ 180 million, Reuters reported.

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The US Defense Security Cooperation Agency said in a statement released today that the State Department approved a sale to Taiwan of 18 MK-48 Mod6 modern technology torpedoes and associated equipment. with an estimated cost of approximately USD 180 million.

The Defense Security Cooperation Agency today provided the necessary certification to Congress to report on the deal [bán vũ khí cho Đài Loan]”, The statement added.

The Defense Security Cooperation Agency emphasized that the proposed arms sale to Taiwan serves the US national, economic and security interests through support of “Taiwan’s relentless efforts to modernize its armed forces and maintain reliable defenses”.

The above notification of arms sales came on the day Taiwanese President Thai Anh Van was sworn in for a second term. Speaking at a ceremony attended by many foreign officials, Ms. Thai strongly rejected China’s sovereignty claims over Taiwan.

I, here, would like to reiterate the principle of ‘peace, equality, democracy and dialogue’. We will not accept the use of Beijing’s ‘one country, two regimes’ policy to lower Taiwan and undermine the status of cross-strait relations. We are determined to uphold this principle”Said Mrs. Thai.

Responding to Thai’s statement, China’s Taiwan Affairs Office said Beijing will pursue the policy of “one country, two regimes“And”do not leave any space for separatist activities to claim independence for Taiwan”.

Reunification is a historical inevitable moment when the Chinese nation is in a period of great revival. We have the iron will, integrity and full ability to protect national sovereignty and integritydrive, ”declared Taiwan Office of Affairs.

The second inauguration ceremony of Ms. Thai on May 20 was also the rare time for a senior US official to send a congratulatory message.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s message to Taiwan was read during the Thai inauguration ceremony in Taipei.

Her overwhelming victory with great distance shows that she has won the respect, admiration and trust of the people of Taiwan.Pompeo said.

Her courage and vision in leading Taiwan’s vibrant democracy is an inspiration to the region and the world.”.

As we look to the future, I am confident that, with Thai President at the helm of our position, our partnership with Taiwan will continue to prosper.”.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry quickly issued statements of opposition, saying that US officials’ speech violated bilateral agreements and sabotaged Sino-US relations.

In congratulation, American officials and politicians called Thai Anh Van the “president” and praised the so-called partnership with Taiwan.“, Stated China’s Foreign Ministry statement.

We have expressed strong outrage and condemned this issue”.

China has intensified its military exercises near Taiwan since Thai re-election in the January elections. Beijing dispatched fighter jets into Taiwan’s airspace, and sent warships around the democratic island nation.

China has for many years regarded Thailand as a separatist to tend to make Taiwan an independent state. Meanwhile, Ms. Thai repeatedly publicly stated that Taiwan was an independent country with the official name of the Republic of China and did not want to be part of the People’s Republic of China state by the Communist Party. Chinese ruling.

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