The US will not fully withdraw from Afghanistan, the Taliban threatened

The US will not fully withdraw from Afghanistan, the Taliban threatened

According to a new report citing North American Treaty Organization (NATO) senior commanders, coalition forces will not leave Afghanistan in May, a deadline that former President Donald Trump hopes will fulfill. based on commitments to the opposition Taliban in Afghanistan.

America will not fully commit to defending Afghanistan, the Taliban
US and NATO troops will remain in Afghanistan instead of withdrawing all troops.

“There will be no complete withdrawal of troops from the allies by the end of next April” – a NATO official confirmed.

According to the source, “conditions are not yet met” to serve as a base for a full-scale withdrawal in Afghanistan. This person asserted that the decision was “policy adjustments” in the new administration in America.

“With the new US administration, there will be policy adjustments, the feeling will be in a hurry compared to the calculated strategies,” he said.

Earlier, the Biden administration also sent a message showing that it was reviewing predecessor Donald Trump’s deal with the Taliban to ensure peace in Afghanistan and withdraw US troops from the region.

US diplomats and strategic advisers believe the reassessment aims to demonstrate the strategic implications of ensuring peace in Afghanistan.

Taliban representatives warned the administration of the new US President Joe Biden and its NATO allies of “consequences” if they did not withdraw all troops from Afghanistan, as the agreement signed last year.

Reuters on January 31 quoted four unnamed senior NATO officials revealed that the new US administration had rejected the previous administration’s commitment.

Reacting to the information above, Zabihullah Mujahid, a spokesman for the Taliban, stressed that the armed group is always in compliance with the Doha peace agreement and does not want to hear any further reasons from NATO.

“There are inevitably consequences if the Doha agreement does not work out. The fault lies with the side not respecting the deal. Our expectation is that NATO will think about ending this war and avoid giving further reasons. to prolong the war in Afghanistan, “said Mujahid.

US forces and NATO allies have been present in Afghanistan for nearly 20 years, after bringing troops to attack the country in late 2001 to overthrow the harsh Taliban regime linked to terrorist boss Osama bin Laden. So far, the Central Asian nation has not been at peace because of a power dispute between the Taliban and domestic armed factions.

The war in Afghanistan cost the US more than $ 2 trillion. More than 2,350 US soldiers, hundreds of NATO troops, more than 62,000 Afghan security personnel and tens of thousands of locals also perished during this period.

John Glaser, director of foreign policy at the Cato Institute, expressed doubts about the two candidates’ commitment to fulfillment. John Glaser said that if Biden wins, the candidate will face the pressure of withdrawal, but in the long run he may be caught up in a spiral of getting things back to normal. “The US is always ready to support its allies, and fulfill all its commitments with NATO”.

Michele Flournoy, the former head of the US Department of Defense who is believed to be a potential figure to take over the position of Secretary of Defense in the Biden administration, warned that any “quick” withdrawal from Afghanistan could Endangers peace.

In her speech to the Aspen Security Forum, Michele Flournoy said that although the United States does not want to stay in Afghanistan forever, it should maintain an anti-terrorist force until a peace deal is reached between the Taliban and the Afghan government. be strengthened.

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