The US will meet online with the "Quartet" group of Australia, India and Japan

The US will meet online with the “Quartet” group of Australia, India and Japan

The US, Japan, Australia and India will meet for the third time on February 18 (US time) for the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue online conference, also known as the “Diamond Quartet”. This was the first meeting with the Quartet of the new Foreign Minister Antony Blinken.

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US Secretary of State Antony Blinken will meet online with Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne, Japanese Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi and Indian Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar for the first time under the Biden administration. This meeting is the prelude to the first meeting of the leaders of the Quartet, scheduled to take place later this year, according to the Financial Review.

State Department spokesperson Ned Price announced the meeting during Wednesday’s regular press conference (Feb. 17). “The discussion between the Foreign Ministers in the Quartet is very important for advancing common goals of a free and open Indo-Pacific; at the same time overcoming the challenges of our time, including efforts to respond to COVID-19 and climate change ”.

Under the Trump administration, the Quartet has demonstrated the group’s increasingly important role to counter China’s aggression in the region, including territorial sea disputes with Japan and India, as well as the competition. Trade with Australia. Pompeo then actively traveled to other neighboring countries and encouraged them to join efforts to build a free and open Indo-Pacific.

The four foreign ministers then met in October last year in Japan. By November, the four countries held the largest joint naval exercise in more than a decade.

Mr. Biden stressed that the United States will work closely with its allies to counter China’s growing influence around the world. Biden and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi agreed in a phone call last week that the two sides would strengthen the Indo-Pacific security through the Quad, according to Reuters.

However, whether the Biden administration really confronts China or not is still a question that needs time to be answered. Shortly after taking office, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under Biden removed “the threat from China” from its main concerns on its website.

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan also said in February that the White House sees the Quartet as the foundation for building US policy in the Indo-Pacific region.


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