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The US will fine 1,000 "sen" if "dare" to withdraw the cat's toenails

The withdrawal of cat nails has now become a ban in New York (USA) and this order was signed by state governor Andrew Cuomo. Specifically, the owner will face fines of up to $ 1,000. If you remove cat's nails, except for medical-related cases.

The American Animal Cruelty Prevention Association (ASPCA) said sesame really feels painful during recovery from nails after a nail withdrawal. Although relatively easy to perform, cat retraction is a very high complication rate in animals and does not bring any benefits to cats.

In order to prevent cats from scratching and breaking, some owners often withdraw their nails. But according to the American Humanitarian Association, scratching is a normal behavior in cats to "remove the object that gets caught in the nail, mark the territory and strain the muscles."

People who keep cats to avoid scratching should not play around too hard with it, and must be fully vaccinated so that they do not become infected with life-threatening diseases, such as rabies. In addition, the problem of cat scratching objects in the house like chocolate is fine.

Any law when passed is subject to a lot of conflicting opinions and no exception, the ban on cats' withdrawal is also controversial. Some studies have shown that cats can cause a host of coagulopathy or immune disorders, which originate from scratches.

Some other US states, such as California, New Jersey and Massachusetts, are also considering a similar ban.


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