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The US will allow companies to resume their partnership with Huawei in the next 2-4 weeks

A source said the US government is said to be planning to approve domestic companies to resume their partnership with Huawei in the next two to four weeks.

In May this year, Huawei was listed on the blacklist by the US Department of Commerce. And this prevents US companies from providing components or services to Huawei unless they have a license.

By the end of June, after meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the G20 Summit, US President Donald Trump announced that US companies could sell products to Huawei. Most recently, Wilbur Ross, Commerce Minister, announced that the US government will issue licenses to domestic companies that want to sell goods to giant Huawei in categories that do not pose a threat to national security. family.

Today, a spokesman for the US Department of Commerce said the agency is evaluating all submitted licenses and determining which requirements are in line with the criteria. "Does not pose a threat to national security". And the time is expected to take between 2 and 4 weeks to complete the necessary procedures to get a license.

Sforum - Huawei-sap-hop-tac-tro-latest information technology site-US-USA-2-US-2 will allow companies to resume their cooperation with Huawei in 2 - Next 4 weeks

Overall, this change shows the movement of chip manufacturers and the pressure from Chinese authorities to be effective. Earlier, many chip makers had applied for licenses to buy and sell with Huawei. This is a no-surprise move because according to a previous report, of the $ 70 billion that Huawei spent to buy parts in 2018, about $ 11 billion was transferred to US companies, including Qualcomm. , Intel and Micron Technology.

Therefore, analysts believe that US businesses suffer no small losses because of the ban because they are selling a huge amount of products to Huawei.

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