The US was just about to send troops into the Donbass, Kiev pointed out

The US was just about to send troops into the Donbass, Kiev pointed out

JFO Ukraine Commander General Sergei Naev recently commented that the situation in Donbass has become more serious.

Sergei Naev also publicly stated that Kiev does not need to take into account military assistance from foreign troops in the event of a direct armed conflict with Russia.

My king decided to stay in Donbass, Kiev, in the middle of the month
Ukraine denies that it needs American soldiers to help liberate peace in the East.

“We are working out our plan without taking into account allied military involvement. If there is a military aggravation, we are just looking to increase the amount of material support. and engineering from them.

We do not take into account military assistance from foreign troops. We have enough of our own to carry out combat missions, ”said General Sergei Naev.

Sergei Naev also stressed that Ukraine has enough of its own forces to carry out combat missions.

Notably, Naev’s statement made shortly after Acting US Ambassador to Ukraine Kristina Kvien said that Washington would consider the possibility of increasing its military presence in Ukraine if deemed necessary.

Ambassador Kristina Kvien has just attended a ceremony to welcome a delegation of US military advisors to this Eastern European country to train soldiers.

Kvien stressed that the Joe Biden administration recently announced a new $ 125 million security aid package for Ukraine, including funds for training, equipment and advice to the military. Ukraine.

According to Ms. Kvien, Ukraine needs support to deal with “provocative actions in the Donbass”.

Previously, Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal also asked the US to expand its military training program in this country to strengthen its defense capabilities.

Eastern Ukraine is currently experiencing the worst escalation of violence between the government army and separatist forces since President Volodymyr Zelensky took office. Mr. Zelensky stated that, just by joining NATO, Ukraine will be guaranteed security by its defense status with member countries.

However, the Russian side argued that Ukraine’s membership in NATO was a red line for its eastward expansion, a direct escalation to a confrontation with Russia.

On April 16, President Zelensky called on Russia to return to the diplomatic desk to settle peace in the eastern part of the country.

My king decided to stay in Donbass, Kiev, in the middle of the month
Mr. Zelensky repeatedly showed his readiness to attack Russia, now urging Moscow to sit back to negotiate.

“Since the beginning of my presidency, we have done everything we can to strengthen negotiations and find a peaceful resolution. We are always ready to return to meaningful diplomatic contact. That is why we urge Russia to do the same, “said Mr. Zelensky in an interview with Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

It is true that Mr. Zelensky once tried to sit down at the negotiating table with Russia and was judged to be the view that won him the presidential election. But that attitude has gradually changed over the years of running the country.

Mr. Zelensky has been described as a pro-Russian and since running for office, he has been dug for all seemingly linked Russian political connections.

However, to date, Mr. Zelensky has used many attacks and blamed Moscow for the increase in the military on the border and repeatedly reiterated joining the NATO alliance, which certainly will not make Russia change. the view of the military increase to protect their borders from the eyes of the West.

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