US Secretary of State condemns China for arresting Hong Kong protesters
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The US warns China’s new security law is the “death knell” for freedom of the US

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo condemned Beijing’s plan to impose a new national security law on Hong Kong, calling it a “death knell” to the city’s extremely important freedom. this.

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China is seeking to pass a new law banning what it calls “treason, secession, rebellion and overthrow” in Hong Kong in an effort to bring this special administrative unit into order.

Critics say the new law will deprive the people of the freedom and democracy enjoyed by Hong Kong people.

The US Secretary of State said Beijing’s desire to pass the law by the mainland Congress, ignoring the Hong Kong Legislative Assembly, was ignoring the “people’s will” of the city.

The United States condemned the Chinese Congressional proposal to unilaterally and arbitrarily impose national security laws on Hong Kong. ” Pompeo said Friday.

“Hong Kong’s decision to ignore meticulously established legislative processes and to ignore the will of the Hong Kong people will be a death knell for the extreme autonomy that Beijing has committed to. Hong Kong follows the Sino-British Joint Declaration, an agreement noted at the United Nations. ”

The United States strongly urged Beijing to reconsider this disaster proposal, follow international responsibility and respect Hong Kong’s civil liberties, democratic institutions, and high autonomy. These are important criteria for maintaining the special status of Hong Kong under US law. We support the people of Hong Kong. ” Pompeo said in his statement Friday.

Any decision that undermines Hong Kong’s autonomy and freedom, as guaranteed in the Sino-British Joint Statement and the Basic Law, will certainly impact our assessment of the principle of a nation. , two regimes and the status of Hong Kong. “

Pompeo’s statement will certainly provoke Beijing, which sees the US Secretary of State as the enemy due to its continuous condemnation of the ruling Communist regime.

In November 2019, the United States passed the Hong Kong Democracy and Human Rights Act, which gives the State Department the right to punish individuals deemed to be responsible for actions that undermine Hong Kong’s autonomy and assess whether the city should continue to enjoy special trade status with the US.

Under the law, the State Department must have a report within 6 months, assessing whether Hong Kong still maintains sufficient autonomy under the framework of “one country, two regimes” established before Britain’s completion. This street was returned to China in 1997.

In May, Pompeo said he was delaying the report so he could observe whether Beijing took any further action on Hong Kong during the National Assembly session.

According to Robert Daly, director of the Kissinger Institute for Chinese and American Studies at the Wilson Center:“The national security law will be the strongest indicator so far that Hong Kong is no longer a special administrative region of China.”

The upcoming US government will have to be extremely tormented between wanting to withdraw its special status for Hong Kong and not wanting to be seen abandoning Hong Kong people.”He said.

This is increasing pressure on President Donald Trump, who said it would take strong action if China passed a new security law.

Senator Lindsey Graham, Mr. Trump’s close ally, asked Mr. Trump “warns China of the consequences it will face if it tries to end Hong Kong’s “one country, two regimes” autonomy agreement. “

Dennis Kwok, a Hong Kong democracy lawmaker, said Beijing’s new security bill will spark a new wave of violence in the city after the extradition bill:

“I am sad to say that I anticipate there will be major clashes between citizens and the police next week.

They tried to force the passage of extradition laws, even when 2 million people went to the streets, even when there were huge clashes between police and protesters. We know that happened. The rest is history … like they never learned anything. “

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