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The US wants to buy heavy Iranian water

Arak heavy water nuclear reactor. Photo: AP

"Americans really want to buy our heavy water," Radio Sputnik quoted Vice President Salehi speaking on IRINN on November 4. However, Mr. Salehi forgot to mention under President Donald Trump, the US refused this deal.

Vice President Salehi emphasized that Iran's current heavy water reserve is approximately 128 tons, and that the figure does not exceed the 130 ton limit set forth in the Comprehensive Joint Action Plan (JCPOA) nuclear agreement that Tehran signed with six powers. Mr Salehi confirmed that Iran still has many heavy water purchases and that Tehran will continue to sell the compound.

Heavy water can be used in reactors to produce plutonium, a fuel that can be used to produce nuclear warheads.

In late July, during a meeting with Iranian parliamentarians, Mr. Salehi said Tehran would restart operations at the Arak heavy water nuclear reactor.

Iran's ability to enrich uranium and the operation of its heavy-water nuclear reactor is within the control of the JCPOA deal because the West is concerned that Iran may continue to pursue its nuclear weapons program.

Arak heavy water reactor is considered a risk because it allows Iran to produce enriched plutonium. Iran destroyed and poured concrete into the pipes, also known as the core of the Arak reactor, as part of the JCPOA agreement in exchange for the abolition of Western sanctions. The major powers are committed to helping Iran develop civilian nuclear power, while Tehran is committed to rebuilding the heavy water reactor at Arak to conduct peaceful nuclear research.

Tensions between Iran and the United States have escalated since May 8, 2018, when US President Donald Trump announced that the United States would withdraw from the nuclear deal and re-impose sanctions on Iran. Exactly a year later, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced that Tehran would resume uranium enrichment and suspend the modernization of its heavy-water reactor in Arak if the participating countries failed to fulfill their commitment to securing benefits. benefits of Iran.

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