The US wants China to understand what is 'the impossible'?

The US wants China to understand what is ‘the impossible’?

(International relations) – According to experts, when Mr. Biden comes to power, the US will change its approach to China, but there are still things that the two sides “cannot live with”.

Biden’s China policy will be “slightly different” Trump

The closer the day Joe Biden becomes officially president of the United States (January 20, 2021), the more predictions of his foreign policy are, with the focus on relations with China’s main rival.

Jake Sullivan, Biden’s future security aide to President Biden, made it clear in a recent interview with CNN that Biden’s China policy would be “slightly different” from Trump, which has seriously harmed. important to the bilateral relationship.

“Our goal is to sit down now and work through the existing economic divisions with China so that we can end the trade war on the many fronts that the Trump administration started” – Sullivan to speak.

Former US diplomats speak of the inevitable need to change something in relations with China at online conferences.

For example, Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations Richard Haass believes that the United States and China need to agree on some rules, to find out where the two sides can keep the ability to cooperate.

However, US policy towards China will only be “slightly different” from the Trump era, that is, a change in methodology and approach, not a change in strategy, because there are problems. has always been regarded by the United States as “the principle of immutability”.

The problems cannot be tolerated

In the view of the American politician, Beijing must also understand the core points that the two sides “cannot live together” and reveal that it may be the South China Sea issue, Taiwan and some of the manifestations in the China’s human rights policy, these topics cannot be forgotten.

It is clear that the United States’ shared vision of China that is not party dependent is that the Washington administration has always viewed China as the US’s main rival. This also means that conflict between Washington and Beijing will be inevitable.

What do you want China to understand as 'something that cannot be shared'?
Biden up, there will be no repeating the so-called “Trump policy” or “Obama policy”

New President Joe Biden said that in the confrontation with China, the US must strengthen relations with its allies. Otherwise, the United States will not be able to cope with the growing giant.

A few days ago Mr. Biden said that, when Washington competed with Beijing and held the Chinese government accountable for abuses in trade, technology, human rights and other areas, the position of the United States. will be much more powerful when building coalitions of like-minded partners and allies.

Therefore, analysts say, it can be assumed that the new administration of the White House will work to strengthen relations with countries that “have problems in relations with China”.

Under Donald Trump, this served to his concept of a “Free and Open Indo-Pacific” for which the “Quartet” of the United States, Japan, Australia and India were four. main. Maybe Biden will not only take this concept into his policymaking, but develop it to the next level.

China wants to improve relations with the United States

In the opposite direction, Beijing wants changes in relations with the United States, and even more than Washington wants. Because the Chinese are very interested in advanced technologies, the vast market, and American investments.

Therefore, Beijing does not want any kind of “cold war” or “hot war” with Washington.

Recently, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi called on the future US leader to cooperate with Beijing to “resume dialogue, put bilateral relations on the right track and restore mutual trust”. Mr. Vuong expressed his hope that the two sides will resolve the differences through dialogue.

What do you want China to understand as 'something that cannot be shared'?
Joe Biden’s image on a public screen in Hong Kong’s special area

China’s top diplomat points to areas where the two countries can cooperate effectively, namely measures against the Covid-19 pandemic, recovery of the global economy and the fight against gas change. Queen.

Russian political analyst Piotr Tsvetov previously wrote in his article that these are three areas that are very important to all of humanity, but they have little to no contact with the main issues that make up the agenda. the key aspects of Sino-US relations are human rights at home and Beijing’s provocation abroad.

Changing President, America has not changed policy with China

Mr. Tsvetov believes that the United States under Biden will continue to criticize the Chinese regime’s policy towards Uighurs (Xinjiang), Tibetans and Hong Kong. The US will continue to carry out its military activities within the framework of ensuring freedom of navigation in the South China Sea.

However, new contradictions may arise. Many experts in both China and the US admit there are ideological or civilized differences between these two countries and that they will not disappear with the change of the White House owner.

Mike Pompeo, the Trump administration’s secretary of state, criticized the Chinese Communist Party-led Beijing government. Joe Biden’s immediate staff were also not sympathetic to communism, which meant disagreements could not be avoided.

And another important opinion has been shared by experts that maybe someone hopes to bring the US-China relationship back to the way Barack Obama was President of the US and Joe Biden as vice president. .

However, the past four years, the political landscape of the world and the region has changed dramatically, time has passed without a return and the past cannot be returned. China and America will have to learn to coexist and interact in new ways, unlike under Trump or Obama.

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