The US urges China to join nuclear weapons talks with Russia

The US urges China to join nuclear weapons talks with Russia

The US has urged China to participate in tripartite nuclear weapons talks with Russia and has vowed to call on other countries to influence Beijing.

US President and Chinese President

Washington on January 21 urged Beijing to participate in tripartite nuclear weapons talks with Moscow and declared China’s secret of its growing arms stockpile as “a serious threat.” with strategic stability ”.

US President Donald Trump said last year that he discussed a new nuclear arms restriction treaty with Russian President Putin and expressed his hope that China would join to get a big deal between the three powers. The world’s leading nuclear nation. However, up to now, China still refused to participate.

“We believe that, as China’s nuclear stockpiles are expected to double over the next 10 years, now is a good time for tripartite discussions,” said Robert Wood, the disarmament ambassador. The United States announced to reporters on the opening day of the United Nations-backed Disarmament Conference, taking place in Geneva, Switzerland.

Reuters quoted Mr. Wood as saying that Washington discussed the possibility of a tripartite meeting during a security meeting with Russia last week and that both sides understood the need to pursue that. “We cannot wait any longer,” the official said.

When asked how to force Beijing to join the talks, the US ambassador expressed hope that Russia and other countries could assist. “Hopefully, over time and through the impact of other parties, besides the US, China will come and sit at the table. We think that China doing so is essential to global security. ”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Russia would join the tripartite talks but he did not force China to change its current position.

Earlier, China stated that its weapons are currently at the lowest level compared to national security needs and cannot be compared with Russia and the United States.

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