Two officers My-Tho Nhi Ky actively engaged in practice at Bien Den image 1Illustration. (Source: Anadolu Agency)

On February 10, Turkish Ministry of Defense said that the country’s naval forces and the US navy conducted a short exercise in the Black Sea.

According to a correspondent in the Middle East, on Twitter, the ministry stated: “The destroyers TCG Turgutreis and TCG Orucreis of the Turkish naval forces conducted a naval exercise with the destroyers. the USS Porter and USS Donald Cook axes of the US Navy in the Black Sea. Two aircraft F-16 The Turkish Air Force and a US maritime patrol aircraft also participated in the naval exercise.

The ministry’s statement said the drills aimed at training major types of surface warfare “fostered close cooperation between the naval forces of the two countries and contributed to enhancing the operational capabilities of each.” amount.

Sofia news agency on 10/2 quoted General Christopher Cavoli, Commander of the US Army in Europe as saying that the US will conduct large-scale military exercises “European Defenders” in the Balkans and Black Sea. in this year.

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According to Mr. Cavoli, the US Army is concentrating on preparing the exercises “European Defender 2021” in the Balkan and Black Sea, scheduled to take place in Spring or early Summer this year as the Black Sea is attracting a growing presence of US Navy through free shipping operations.

The “European Defender” exercise is designed to enhance the “rapid response of the US military to deploy a large force” to Europe during a crisis. The exercises are also aimed at reassuring allies and deterring Russia. Last year, the “European Defenders” drills were scaled down because of the COVID-19 outbreak, but also mobilized more than 10,000 troops and 13,000 heavy military equipment to Bremerhaven, Germany for a series of related events in Northern Europe./.

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