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The US stopped consular activities in Russia

The reason is that the number of staff working at the embassy has decreased due to the reciprocal retaliation measures between the US and Russia.

US Embassy in Moscow, Russia. Photo: AFP / VNA

In a notice posted earlier on its website, the US Embassy said that from May 12, it stopped providing regular services for US citizens such as short-term passport renewal and only processing applications. apply for a new visa in “life-related” emergencies.

Under the new sanctions imposed by Russia on the US, US diplomatic missions in Russia are not allowed to hire non-US citizens, forcing the US Embassy to cut its consular staff by 75%.

Russia-US relations are declining, with Washington accusing the Kremlin of meddling in the US election, carrying out large-scale cyber attacks and other activities. Moscow denies these allegations.

In April, the US announced a new set of sanctions, including the expulsion of 10 diplomats and restricting American banks from doing business with the Russian government. In response, Russia expelled 10 US diplomats, banned high-ranking US officials from entering, and banned the US embassy from hiring foreign staff.

However, the two governments are discussing plans to hold a summit between US President Joe Biden and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

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