The US spoke up about the WHO statement following the investigation in Wuhan

The US spoke up about the WHO statement following the investigation in Wuhan

On February 9, the World Health Organization (WHO) issued a statement saying that the Wuhan virus did not come from the Wuhan laboratory. The Biden administration is awaiting an independent examination of WHO data, a White House press spokesman said. The US State Department announced that it temporarily has not reached a conclusion on whether Beijing is completely transparent about the pandemic spreading or not.

Jen Psaki at regular White House press conference (Screenshot)

A WHO team of experts traveled to Wuhan China to investigate the origin of the Wuhan pneumonia virus (COVID-19). On Tuesday (Feb. 9), the bats are still likely to be the source of the virus, and the possibility that frozen food spread the virus deserves to be studied further. . He also ruled out the possibility of a laboratory leaking the virus.

White House press spokesman Jen Psaki told the reporter that the government was not involved “Planning and execution” survey with WHO, which hopes to conduct independent verification of the survey results and baseline WHO data.

She added even when the US rejoined WHO, “In China there is also a need for our team of specialists.”

The Chinese virus epidemic (new corona virus, Wuhan virus) first broke out in Wuhan’s Chinatown seafood market in late 2019.

Mr. Peter Ben Embarek led the WHO expert group visiting Wuhan for nearly a month. The likelihood of this strain leaking from the lab is very small, and further research is not needed, Mr. Embarek said.

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State Department spokesperson Ned Price said that he could not draw conclusions about WHO’s full cooperation on the Chinese side, nor could it conclude whether Beijing was fully transparent about the epidemic spread. (Photo: OLIVIER DOULIERY / POOL / AFP).

When asked about the results of the WHO investigation during Tuesday’s press conference (Feb. 9), State Department spokesman Ned Price said he could not conclude on which WHO experts have received. full cooperation from China, and whether Beijing is fully transparent about the pandemic spreading.

“I think that cannot be determined”, Mr. Ned Price said, “I think it’s obvious that at least starting now, the Chinese people (the Chinese Communist Party – the CCP) still don’t provide us with the necessary transparency we need.”.

He added that the US will use WHO data and its intelligence to make judgments.

“We are in no hurry to reach any conclusions other than science. We need to see the data provided to us, and on this basis to come to a conclusion [chính xác]”Mr. Ned Price said.

Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo doubted the WHO viral origin assessment. He asserted that, yes “Important evidence” shows that the origin of the virus is from a Chinese laboratory.

The former Secretary of State also said that the WHO statement has not changed his view of the origin of the Chinese virus, even the legitimacy of the WHO itself.

He hopes the CCP’s influence over WHO does not affect the conclusion of the deadly virus’s origin. “WHO has been politicized”, Mr. Pompeo said, “In China they have surrendered to General Secretary Xi Jinping. I hope their statement today is not in this situation (ie the investigation results are affected by the CCP). “

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