The US sent the B-1B Lancer to the Russian border

The US sent the B-1B Lancer to the Russian border

Recently, Lieutenant Colonel Turmud Heyer, a lecturer at the Norwegian Armed Forces Academy, said in an interview with NRK television that the country could become a battlefield in the event of a war. paintings between Russia and America.

According to him, the Americans “proved to be the new boss in Norway” more and more. He pointed out that this is especially evident in the upcoming US B-1B Lancer strategic bomber to be deployed at the Erland base in the western part of the country.

The Oslo government also decided to reopen naval bases for the United States and NATO to confront Russia. Specifically, Norway will reopen secret Cold War bases for allied nuclear submarines, to contest control of the Arctic Ocean with Russia.

The Times wrote, Olavsvern base [cách biên giới Nga 220 km] closed in 2002, a huge complex cut deep into the mountains near Tromso, with deep-water submarines that could hold and service large nuclear submarines, to bring the entire territory. Russian territory in sight.

My B-1B Lancer to the Russian world
The United States continuously deployed heavy weapons to the Russian border

Mr. Heyer said that the main operational direction in Western policy, including the Norwegian leadership, should not focus on besieging, isolating and restraining Moscow, but on building measures aimed at easing the situation, mutual benefits.

As for his country, the expert said, “Norway’s interest is somehow balanced between the US in the West and Russia in the East, because of an overt armed conflict between the two superpowers. This power will be a catastrophic event for Oslo, ”he said.

After Norwegian military experts expressed concern about the United States increasing its weapon-equipment deployment close to Russia, the US media revealed that the Pentagon had taken practical steps to reassure allies, while increasing pressure on Moscow.

According to Forbes, on February 3, the US Strategic Air Force will deploy 4 B-1 Lancer bombers and 200 pilots in Norway to conduct a first-use drills. this type of strategic bomber, intended to increase pressure on Russia.

According to the magazine, the plane will take off from an air base in Texas and will be deployed at a military airport in central Norway, which also houses fifth generation stealth fighter jets. F-35A Lightning II.

American journalists said that strategic bombers and stealth fighters would participate in exercises with naval and army forces in the northern regions of the NATO alliance, targeting two purposes:

One is the training of air attack tactics on Russian territory (previously practiced attacks from B-52 Stratofortress); The second is to tighten the US-NATO siege around Russia, to show Moscow the strength of the alliance and refrain from its “provocative actions”.

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