The US Senator proposed a bill to block the CCP's foreign propaganda

The US Senator proposed a bill to block the CCP’s foreign propaganda

US Senator Ted Cruz is planning to propose a new bill, which is expected to prevent the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) from leaking into US legal loopholes in the media to spread the price. your governor to the American people.

Luu Truong Lac, founder and chairman of the Board of Directors of Phuong Hoang Satellite Television (Image: Wikipedia)

Exclusive information on April 24 of The Washington Free Beacon said that the proposed law, Mr. Ted Cruz proposed, said the CCP’s media was the Phoenix TV. is using Mexican radio, using Chinese to spread political propaganda to the CCP.

This Mexican radio XEWW AM was acquired by H&H Capital Group in the context of the CCP in 2018. After controlling it, the CCP went around the law banning the propaganda of foreign political propaganda by the United States. , because Radio Phoenix changes its radio program into something called “Chinese repertoire”, all of Southern California can hear the CCP’s brainwashing propaganda in the United States.

Phoenix also recently had a story that angered Republican senators, a correspondent at the White House press conference repeatedly asked and questioned President Donald Trump, whether it was proceeding appropriately. cooperating with the CCP on the epidemic problem or not. Later, MPs like Mr. Ted Cruz asked the White House, opposed the White House, to grant interview licenses to reporters from the opposition government media.

Recently, a Chinese female journalist propagandized to help the CCP, which President Trump exposed an impure motive at the scene. (Image: The HKGolden Discussion Forum)

  • Female propagandist reporter for the CCP, exposed by Mr. Trump

Proposed new bill to patch US law loopholes

The contents of the bill proposed by Mr. Ted Cruz include: Prohibiting the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) from granting licenses to any radio / television agency that intends to change its original language, thereby patching the existing loopholes of American law.

Take Phoenix Television as an example, the branch of this TV station applied for a certificate from the FCC, then controlled the radio tower near Tijuana in Southern California on the US-Mexico border, and began using the language. Trung to propagate to the CCP.

However, the FCC has not yet issued a certification for this station, and this station uses a temporary certificate to operate, so once the proposed Ted Cruz bill is passed, the FCC will not issue a formal broadcast license. for this station, this essentially shut down the radio of Phoenix Television in the United States.

Shutting down the CCP’s political propaganda agency in the United States is just one of the measures currently used by the US Congress to oppose the CCP, and the US government and people have repeatedly “hit”, trying to force The CCP acknowledges its responsibility to spread the disease globally.

“Each year the CCP spends hundreds of millions of dollars to buy media channels to launch an information war, to expand the scope of its propaganda abroad, to paint for its authoritarian government.” Mr. Ted Cruz told the Washington Free Lights, “This phenomenon is happening, spreading the news in all parts of the world is like” speech parrots “repeating the words of repudiation of responsibility related to the CCP’s ubiquitous epidemic.” , “I look forward to proposing this bill before Congress to patch the FCC flaw.”

According to Taiwanese media outlet Up Media reported in 2018, the CCP leadership during the beginning of 2008 to the end of 2009 began to lay out a strategy. “Foreign propaganda” at a cost of up to 45 billion yuan (about 6.3 billion USD), to promote China’s state-run media to expand internationally, with the intention of improving the so-called “International image” of the CCP.

Chinese businessman and billionaire Quach Van Quy, currently living in exile in the United States, also exposed the 90s of the 20th century, the Phoenix Television Station was established during the time when Jiang Zemin was the leader of the CCP. specialized to conduct the promotion of Chinese government influence and intelligence tools abroad. Guo said that all employees of the Phoenix Television must be trained by Chinese National Security Agency intelligence, “The relationship between the Phoenix and the Ministry of National Security and the CCP military intelligence is very close.”

In 2018, Mr. Ted Cruz once issued a warning about the merger and acquisition

In 2018, when H&H Capital acquired XEWW AM Radio, Mr. Ted Cruz issued a warning to the FCC, pointing out that H&H Capital had a complicated context involving the CCP and Phuong Television. Hoàng, asked not to issue broadcast licenses for this station (XEWW AM).

Reportedly, one of the main shareholders of H&H Capital is Vivian Huo, an American citizen, born in Beijing, who previously worked in many media channels of the CCP.

Mr. Ted Cruz expressed concern with the FCC about H&H Capital’s acquisition and control of Mexican radio, in 2018 he wrote: “According to the report, the one who truly gains in this transaction is Dai Phuong Hoang. Although Dai Phuong Hoang has never appeared in H&H Capital’s application, the address listed by this company is “3810 Durbin, Irwindale, CA 91706”, It’s a building owned by the Phoenix Television Station in the United States.

Phuong Hoang Satellite TV is headquartered in Hong Kong, founded in 1996, the founder and Chairman of the Board is Mr. Luu Truong Lac. He used to be an official of the 14th Army Propaganda Ministry of the CCP Liberation Army, which is still the Standing Committee of the National Political Committee of the CCP.

Public information shows that Mr. Luu Truong Lac was born in November 1951 in Shanghai. His father, Liu Xianguti, participated in the CCP very early, and once held the position of Lan Lang District Party Secretary (now in Linyi City of Shandong Province), General Secretary of the Central Organizing Committee, Deputy Chairman of the Office. Central Organizing Committee. Mr. Luu Truong Lac started working at the Central People’s Radio Station in 1983, used to work as a reporter, editor, news commentator, after being promoted to the position of Department official. In 1988, he was sent to Shanghai to work, claiming to have earned the first barrel of gold from the crude oil trade. After Luu Truong Lac emigrated abroad, within a short period of 4 years, he made a profit from oil and real estate business; then in 1996, he founded Phuong Hoang Satellite Television.

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