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The US Senate suspended the impeachment trial of Trump over the weekend due to Sabbath


The US Senate will suspend the impeachment hearing of former President Donald Trump from Friday evening to Saturday night (February 12-13) at the request of Mr. Trump’s lawyer because it coincides with Sabbath’s holiday. Jews, according to spokesman Chuck Schumer – leader of the Democratic Party of the Senate, Reuters reported.

President Trump’s lawyer David Schoen sent a letter to Mr. Schumer and other top senators last Tuesday, asking for impeachment proceedings to be halted on the Jewish Sabbath Day (from Friday night to Saturday night).

Prior to this request, Mr. Schumer’s spokesman Justin Goodman said in a statement: “We respect their request and will of course fulfill it.”

Discussions on the structure of the trial are ongoing, Mr. Goodman said on Sunday.

The one-day delay raises questions about how long it will take to finish the trial, which is expected to begin in the Senate next Tuesday. According to Reuters, the Senate is currently not scheduled to meet during the week from February 15.

Mr. Trump became the first president in US history to be impeached twice. On January 13, the House of Representatives approved the allegation that he had instigated an uprising during the chaos at the Capitol a week earlier.

Trump’s lawyers and most Republican senators challenged the constitutionality of the trial. They said the Senate had no authority to hear the case because Mr Trump left office and could not be dismissed.

Sen. Rand Paul (Kentucky) on Sunday announced that the second impeachment of former President Donald Trump was nothing more than a “partisan farce” with the chance of the conviction in the Senate as “zero. “.

TNS Paul also said that Supreme Court Chief Justice John Robert refused to preside over Trump’s second impeachment trial in the Senate. “This is a strong sign for all of us to see that [cuộc luận tội ông Trump lần này] will just be a partisan hearing chaired by the Democratic Party ”, said Paul.

To accuse Mr. Trump, the Senate needs 67 people to agree to accuse. This is almost not feasible because at least 45 Republican Senators have opposed the trial.

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