The US Senate Foreign Affairs Committee passed a bill to boycott the Olympics diplomacy in Beijing

The US Senate Foreign Affairs Committee passed a bill to boycott the Olympics diplomacy in Beijing

On Wednesday, the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee passed the “Strategic Competition Act” with a 21: 1 vote ratio. In order to express the views on human rights violations by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), a multi-faceted attack bill, including not allowing the US Government delegation to participate in the Winter Olympics, will be held at Beijing in February next year.

On Wednesday (April 21) the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee passed the “Strategic Competition Bill” with a 21: 1 vote ratio. Republican Senator Mitt Romney proposed an amendment to boycott US diplomacy towards the Beijing Olympics (Lin Leyu / Epoch Times).

According to Bloomberg News, the “Strategic Competition Bill” passed by the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday includes an amendment that prohibits the US from sending government delegations to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. American players will still be able to participate.

Reuters reported, Republican Senator Romney (Mitt Romney) has proposed an amendment to boycott diplomacy for the Beijing Olympics. Mr. Romney shared his fear of letting a country be allowed to host the Olympics while it is committing genocide.

Romney said at the Senate hearing: “The amendment prompted (the Biden administration) to undertake a diplomatic boycott, so that we will not send any diplomats to the Olympics there (Beijing).” He added about allowing young American athletes to compete in order to fulfill their dreams.

The International Commission on Religious Freedom also urged the Biden administration to boycott diplomacy

Just before Romney proposed the amendment, on Wednesday The US Commission on International Religious Freedom released a report urging the Biden administration not to vote. participated in the Beijing Winter Olympics, due to the issue of the CCP’s genocide against the Uighurs in Xinjiang.

Earlier this year, the Biden administration announced there were no plans to ban American athletes from participating in the Beijing Olympics. However, an increasing number of US lawmakers and activists are calling for a diplomatic boycott in cooperation, meaning that athletes can participate in competitions, but should not send government representatives to participate. Beijing Olympics. Some people also gave reasons to postpone the Beijing Olympic Games in February next year or to move the venue of the event.

In an annual report, the US International Religious Freedom Commission encourages Washington to continue to impose targeted visa and financial sanctions against specific Government agencies and officials. The CCP violates human rights “systematic, continuous, serious ”. At the same time recommended the US government “openly expressed concern about Beijing’s hosting of the 2022 Winter Olympics, and declared that US Government officials would not participate in the Olympics if the Chinese Government (CCP) continued to suppress freedom of religion. spear “.

State Department spokesperson Ned Price said at a press conference that the US State Department considered the Commission’s conclusions. The State Department will refer to the Commission’s report when making a determination on the determination of the degree of religious freedom.

The White House welcomes the bipartisan bill to strengthen the US supply chain

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee has yet to release a version of the passed bill on Wednesday, but according to the draft released by the National Assembly on April 15, the bill is 281 pages long and has 5 chapters. measures to deal with Beijing’s many actions such as: depriving economic behavior, bad influence activities, totalitarianism under digital assistance, and military expansion, ambitions to take over Taiwan, oppress Hong Kong and Xinjiang.

This includes an annual allocation for fiscal years 2022-2027 worth US $ 15 million to help US companies withdraw from the Chinese market and diversify the supply chain.

Also on Wednesday, the White House said it supported a legislative effort to counter competition from the CCP, said President Biden welcomed a bipartisan bill aimed at strengthening the US supply chain.

White House spokesman Jen Psaki said in a statement: “We look forward to working with Congress to better shape this law to restore America’s global leadership in science and technology, and to ensure that we develop and manufacture technologies in future”.

Truong Dinh, Epoch Times

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