Juan Guaido spoke in Venezuela's opposition-controlled National Assembly on July 2. Photo: Reuters.

The US provides money to the Venezuelan opposition

The US Agency for International Development has announced it has provided $ 52 million to the Venezuelan opposition, and pledged to support Juan Guaido.

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) called the "development assistance" transferred to the opposition-controlled Venezuelan parliament, USAID leader Mark Green said in a press release on September 24.

Green said Washington would fully support Venezuelan opposition leader Guaido in President Nicolas Maduro's attempt to "end the government" that the US considered "illegal." USAID sees the aid as "evidence that the United States is willing to help the Venezuelan people restore the country".

Juan Guaido spoke in Venezuela's opposition-controlled National Assembly on July 2. Image: Reuters.

This is part of a $ 370 million aid the administration of President Donald Trump plans for three Central American countries, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. However, the State Department announced in June that it would cut off aid to the three countries because it did not take measures to prevent the flow of migrants into the US.

It is unclear how the aid will help Venezuelans, who have suffered heavy losses from US economic sanctions, but opposition representatives insist the money will be managed by those designated by Washington and they are not responsible for distributing them.

Venezuela is in a deep political and economic crisis after opposition leader Guaido, backed by the United States, calls itself the interim president to directly challenge Maduro's power. Despite Guaido's recent approval by the opposition-controlled Venezuelan parliament as interim president, Russia and a number of other nations have remained steadfast in taking Maduro as Venezuela's only constitutional president.

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