The US pats Poland for not being able to stop Nord Stream-2

The US pats Poland for not being able to stop Nord Stream-2

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on the evening of June 18 had a phone call with Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau to discuss bilateral issues.

One of the key points throughout the phone conversation was the Nord Stream-2 project and its threat to Europe’s energy security.

I love Poland because I can't talk to Nord Stream-2
The Yamal – Europe gas pipeline transits Russian gas to Europe through the territory of Poland without the country being able to claim additional transportation fees.

According to information released by US State Department spokesman Ned Price to the press, the two diplomats discussed possible threats posed by the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline project with security. European energy.

“Minister Blinken underlined the strength of our Polish-American partnership for NATO and the Transatlantic community in addressing regional and global challenges.

The Minister also discussed our cooperation with Poland to address the threat posed by the Nord Stream-2 pipeline to Europe’s energy security,” the statement said.

Washington openly opposes the construction of Nord Stream-2 and is actively working to stop the project to mainly deal blows to Moscow’s interests and support Ukraine.

One of the Eastern European countries that reacted most strongly to this project was Poland. Poland also benefits from transiting Russian gas through Belarus and into Europe.

At the same time, Poland also has the ambition to become a link in the supply of gas to European countries through the Baltic Pipeline – which is considered a rival of Nord Stream-2. Warsaw aspires to become a gas transit country from Norway in order to reduce the political consequences of not using Russian gas anymore.

Besides, Poland also has ambitions to become a central receiving and transmitting port of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Europe. The main supplier of Polish ambitions could be the US.

But Nord Stream-2, with the “permission” of the US, dissolved Polish ambitions. Warsaw with the hope that the US was the last outpost to stop the joint Russian-German project ultimately failed.

In early June, Russian corporation Gazprom – Russia’s largest natural gas refiner – announced that it would reduce the supply of “green fuel” to Germany through the territory of Belarus and Poland to 8 times during the period. from October to December of this year.

In the last quarter of this year, gas supplies through the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline will decrease to 1 billion cubic meters. This is the energy transit through the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline.

Thus, like Ukraine, Poland will lose part of the costs it gets from Russian energy transit. At the end of 2019, Poland sought to increase pressure on Russia, forcing the Russian energy company to pay additional transit fees because the previous level was too low. The controversy led Gazprom to make the decision to reduce the amount of gas transiting through Poland to a very low level.

I love Poland because I can't talk to Nord Stream-2
Poland accepts projects with Russia to gain the trust of the West?

It is possible that there will not be a too long interruption of the Yamal-Europe pipeline section on Polish territory. Gazprom must maintain all pipelines in good condition to be ready for the potential growth of future demand. Therefore, they will not stop delivering the minimum amount of gas through these pipes.

But unlike Ukraine, which has always expressed its losses if Nord Stream-2 is completed and is under political pressure, Poland has always insisted that it does not need Russian gas and is ready to seek energy sources from Russia. Europe and the United States to prevent the possibility of Russia politicizing the gas pipelines.

So far, as frustration spreads to Eastern Europe, the United States is taking steps to reassure allies. Poland is willing to spend a lot of money to have NATO troops present on its territory and even support a stronger US military presence to assert its role as an anti-Russian outpost.

The US Secretary of State’s phone call this time took place after the US had “opened up” for the Nord Stream-2 project and had just had a summit meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Switzerland on June 16.

With the latest phone call, Secretary of State Blinken has made it clear that he wants to send a message to Poland and Eastern European countries that the Americans have not abandoned them to protect America’s own interests.

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